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New Server now installed


Staff member
New server is now live I got up nice and early to minimise any loss and started the clone last night so it would be ready for today.

Everything went well apart from the UPS (uninterruptible power supply) which blew when i plugged it back in causing a nice smell and a bit of a head ache.

We are now on an Intel i7 server it really doesn't get much better than that with both the host operating system and the site both on separate solid state Hard drives.

it used to take 30 minutes to boot both sites up when i applied updates to the operating system or it had a failure it now takes 2 minutes to boot both the main operating system and the Virtual machine the site runs from that's a huge time saver for me.

But as Postie said before this is where your donations go without them we could not of replaced the server to keep up with the demand the site has so thank you.


Super Moderator
Staff member
That's good Warren. Very quick this time, though starting the clone does sound a bit like something from "Alien"


Ex-pat Brummie
Excellent, Warren, and thanks for your labours and expertise - it was definitely money well spent. :)

New hardware including SSD here too in the last month plus a fourfold increase in internet speed at last :cool:

Even the sun has come out and the temperatures are into the 20sC - I won't know myself!