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New Major version installed


master brummie
I notice 'tables' now work. I used them a lot when vB reigned but had to remove and replace them when Xenforo originally took over. Now they work perfectly and here is an example

I am pleased to see the one in post below now displaying correctly ...

I had created a PDF substitute to overcome the last mentioned table problem as can be seen here

All looking good so far ...:)


Staff member
i like the new set up for posting a link...ie



master brummie
Anyone noticed the avatars are now round ?
It suits mine which was already round ...:grinning:

And when you click on those little avatars on the right in the 'Whats New' list it shows the recent posts of the member using the avatar, and another click on the 'See more' shows more of their posts, and yet more clicks on 'Show older items' could probably find every post they have ever made ! :cool:

Down Memory Lane

proper brummie kid

I logged in today to find the layout of the threads has changed, is it only me?

Each post now has the name of the poster and their avatar in a panel stretching across the page above their post, rather than at the side of the post as previously.

Now I see alternating panels of the poster details follwed by their post, then the next poster's details, then their post etc.

Is this what everybody else is seeing? Can the layout be changed to how it looked previously?

I'm using an original iPad if that makes any difference.




Staff member
hi DML see post 1..we have had an upgrade so the layout will be different...dont think it can be changed

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