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Memories of John “Ozzy” Osbourne


master brummie
Very interesting write up.

One slight "typo" if you plan to use the text elsewhere.

In the opening sentence you say "I used play snooker and drink with John “Ozzy” Osbourne"

I guess you mean "I used TO play snooker....."

A Sparks

master brummie
An interesting account you've written.
I can also remember seeing Earth at Henry's before they changed their name to Black Sabbath.


master brummie
I thought this might be of interest to older Brummies as a new series "Jack & Ozzy's Road Trip" is just being shown on TV.
in the late 80's I remember a girl who worked with my dad saying she'd come home the evening before & found Ozzy sitting in her kitchen drinking tea. Apparently he'd been at school with her dad and had been in the area that day & just knocked on the door on the off chance he still lived there!