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Lost Birmingham Pubs


master brummie
Hi Dave89 did you know the actor Tony Britton was born in a room over The Trocadero Pub . Raz .
Hi Raz,
No, I didn't, that's interesting - many thanks. Incidentally just re-reading my post, I didn't
mean that the other 2 didn't serve a great pint, just that I didn't drink in them!

Kind regards

ray evason

master brummie
This is a list of pubs around the Bull Ring and the licencees.

GRAND TURQ, 34 Bell Street corner of Lease Lane.
Manager;T.F. Fletcher 1924 T.P. Collier. 1944

BLACK SWAN HOTEL, 5, Bromsgrove Street.
Manager; Mrs E.B. Evans.1924 N.F. McCoy. 1944

AUSTRALIAN BAR. 48 Bromsgrove Street.
Not there in 1924 Jn. Rickerby 1944

NEW INN HOTEL.191-192 .Bromsgrove Street.
Manager; H.L. Jeacock 1924 A. Clemm. 1944

CASTLE & FALCON. 109 Digbeth.
Manager; A. Russell 1924 W.J.T. Wiley 1944

WAGON & HORSES. 14 Edgbaston Street.
Manager; R. Barlow 1924 Closed Down 1944

THE COMET 5 High Street.
Manager; W.E. Nelson 1924 Closed Down 1944

LION & LAMB. 17 High Street.
Manager;W. Brown 1924 Closed Down 1944

BROOK'S VAULT. 51 Jamaica Row (it was originally known as THE CITERION)
Manager; F. Holliday 1924 F. Brown 1944

PLOUGH & HARROW. 81 Jamaica Row..
Manager; S.R. Fisher 1924 F.W. Doran 1944

WOOLPACK HOTEL. 8-9 Moor Street.
Manager; F.W. Butler 1924 J. Blower 1944

SWAN HOTEL. 148 New Street.
Manager; Mrs A. Butler 1924 Closed Down 1944

PHOENIX HOTEL. 3 Park Street. (it was originally known as OLD PHOENIX INN)
Manager; P.Vincent-Bennett 1924 E. Freeman 1944.

THE BOARD INN. 7 Phillips Street.
Manager; Mrs L. Lord. 1924 A. Garnett 1944

SPREAD EAGLE. 14 Spiceal Street.
Manager; Samuel Rich 1924 Closed Down 1944

STEVENS BAR 149 New Street and 89 High Street,top of the Bull Ring aera. Closed, for trading after permitted hours on the 25th March 1958, upon expiration of lease.
Manager; R.E. East 1924 W.E. Allport. 1944 (an M&B House).

Manager; George Ameghino 1924 Mrs D.E. Caldicott 1944
(an Ansells House)

CROSS KEYS 91 Jamaica Row, corner of Sherlock Street.
Manager:G.J. Bunn 1924 J.W. Jesson 1944 (an Ansells House)

ST.MARTIN'S HOTEL corner of St.Martin's Lane & Jamaica Street.
Manager;C.H. Mitchell 1924 E.C. Cox 1944
( M & B Hotel,very popular. It closed in 1944)

BOARD VAULTS;56 Worcester Street, corner of Bell Street
Manager;F.R. Andrews 1924 A.Summerfield 1944
(an Ansells House)

Manager; L.A. Chantrill 1924 Mrs Emily Stokes 1944.
(an M&B House)

the TALBOT: 24 Moat Lane
Manager: Ted Lippey 1924 T.W. Gibson 1944

The above was extracted f.rom a book by Victor J. Price
"The Bull Ring Remembered"
Are the any pictures,or information on " the kings head" pub,at 67 Allison street,Birmingham,I think it was demolished about 1906/7.


master brummie
Hello all, I've a newspaper advert from 1855 for the Plough and Harrow Wild Green [sic]. Can anyone point me to where this pub was in Wylde Green / whether it is an existing building/pub with a different name. The ad describes the Plough and Harrow being on the main road from Birmingham to Sutton. Thank you.
Hello Zoe, just catching up on this thread but I loved the Plough & Harrow particularly the beer :)

Lady Penelope

master brummie
Thanks A Sparks but I don't think that's the one that Zoe T mentions as she says it's between Birmingham and Sutton on the main road at Wylde Green. Going from the Yenton pub, I can only think of the (now gone) Wylde Green on the left hand side before you get to the Horse & Jockey. Puzzling!


master brummie
Richard, can you tell me where this pub was please? I can't remember it but it may have gone some time ago. Thank you.
Lady P, it’s been so long but I will try. This pub is actually the newer one on believe near Slate or Chester Rds. I had a a friend who lived in Streetly and another in Sutton Coldfield and we frequented there on many weekends. Hope that helps!

Lady Penelope

master brummie
Thanks Richard, so the original address was wrong. It's the other side of Sutton to Birmingham. Thought I didn't know it and it's certainly not Wylde Green from your description.