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Lizzie woke stretched her slinky smooth body the full length of the bed, and gave a huge yawn. Slowly she realized that Joe was no longer in the bed next to her, in fact she could hear him clattering around in the kitchen. However by the time she had manage to extricate herself from the tangle of bedcovers and reach the kitchen he was already walking down the path the back door fly-screen swinging behind him.
Lizzie was cross, asking herself how could he do this to her? This was the second time this week he had left her to eat breakfast alone. Oh yes he had left her breakfast bowl full, ready and waiting, even the fresh milk that she enjoyed so much was there too. However, no Joe! He hadn.‚.’t even bothered to say good morning as he always had done in the past, or come to that .‚.‘Hurrah.‚.’. He'd never left the farm before without saying good-bye, well not until this week anyway.
Lizzie felt sad she knew quite well, where he was off too, oh yes she had followed him at a safe distance the other day. At first she had thought he was going up to the .‚.‘Top pasture.‚.’, but when he had turned down towards .‚.‘The Low Stream.‚.’, she had changed her mind..‚.. Maybe for some reason better known to himself he was going into Methven, to get some supplies he must have forgotten on the monthly trip into Christchurch. Then once again, she realized she had been mistaken, as he took a small leap across the stream and took the short cut to the Maddock.‚.’s place.
Oh, no not that, she couldn.‚.’t believe her own eyes! There was Joe, her Joe with that that...! Not only was he smiling.‚..as he'd called her by name .‚.“Hi Lucy how are you today?.‚.” , but Lucy had come running to him with the same urgency she herself felt on seeing him striding across the yard. There they stood Joe fondling her and even kissing her oblivious to the fact she was watching their every move.
Sadly, Lizzie had walked home alone and when Joe had finally come home, he had acted just the same as always. He had given her their usual kiss and cuddle, eaten dinner with her and poured her nightly drink before bedtime. What was she to do? What was he going to do? Was she to be turned out and sent away? This had been the best home she had ever known. Oh yes she had lived with other men, but none had been as loving or as kind as Joe had been. How long had she been here two, almost three years maybe. Why was Joe doing this to her, where had she gone wrong? Lizzie couldn.‚.’t think about it any longer. The very thought was making her head ache. She curled herself up on the old cane chair on the front porch and fell asleep.
.‚.“Lizzie, Lizzie where are you?.‚.”.‚.. It was Joe.‚.’s voice she could hear penetrating her brain. As she slowly awoke opening one eye at a time, she saw them. Oh my god there she was.‚.. .‚..that bitch in Joes arms. He was holding her as if she was a precious piece of porcelain. .‚.“We.‚.’ll have to talk.‚.” Joe was saying looking at and addressing her. .‚.“This is Lucy.‚.” he was saying, although unknown to Joe, Lizzie knew full well who she was. .‚.“Lucy is coming to live here.‚.”, there she knew it, it was out. Well they needn.‚.’t think she was going to give up her man without a fight.
.‚.“Now stop that Lizzie,.‚.” Joe was shouting, .‚.“Leave Lucy alone. I thought she would be company for you and you could help train her to become the second best farm dog in New Zealand.‚.”.


Nice story and a ready made star for the film version,courtesy of Kate..‚.. O0 O0


It is a great story - just re-read it. I can just imagine our Lizzie being as jealous of the Laird!

Robert Harrison

I had the strange feeling that you may have been a pooch in some previous life, that is if that were possible.

Well done young lady.



For a minute I thought you had gone all romantic and soft till I got to the end,then I started to smile. Not bad for a Brummie our kid, lets have a few more with a twist ^-^