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master brummie
Thank you Grace, I've been reading for an hour. I found Thomas Tiplady - a Chaplain, among the War Diaries. He writes at one point of the poppies, tending the wounded, and, returning form home leave how the women living along the railway line from Euston stood and waved to the train, some throwing flowers into the carriages.

He said how well fed and with what care the Tommies were treated, how they were always singing and laughing. Men who came out of the tenches hardly able to walk, so cramped had they been, covered from head to toe in mud, were to be seen next morning after very little sleep, with not a speck of mud in sight.

Not the war to end wars as was said at the time. Neither was it as badly organised as has so often been said. Our brave, brave lads. I feel so proud of them all.