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Links: Bill Dargue’s website: Places and Place names


Thanks Mo for that. I've put it into my favourites and it didn't say that it was already in there so it is the first time that I've seen this one. Will have a look at it later on, got to get me pinny on now to make me BRAWoman some grub (it's getting on for 5 pm here).



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Thanks Mo don't think I have seen it before, but seen a lot of photo's on our Forum Brill

Its getting on for 4.00pm here Norma


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I thought the google earth maps were neat, not having to search for them. I didn't check but I guess they are google.
It is lunch time here Graham, I'm going to make some tea biscuits/scones as it is just pouring down, then I will go shopping even if it hasn't stopped. Mo


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William Dargue 2008 A History of Birmingham Places & Placenames . . . from A to Y

Thanks, Maureen, for posting my website here.

I’m very keen to hear from residents or past residents of Birmingham what they think of the articles about the areas they know. You can easily look up places from the Placenames Gazetteer or Postcodes Gazetteer. Have I given a fair representation of the area? Have I got my facts right? Have I missed anything out that should be in? Does anyone have any photographs they would like me to use?

The site has been fully up & running since September and I’ve already had a couple of interesting contributions. One from Dick Hayhurst in South Australia about Saltley Hall (on the Adderley Park page), and a substantial one from Gunter School about their history (on the Pype Hayes page).

Comments and constructive criticisms also very welcome?

Can I also tell you about my website providers, Jimdo https://www.jimdo.com/ who provide 500 MB of storage FREE! I’ve only used half of that so far. They also provide a wide range of page templates and, with a bit of practice, it’s easy to build your own website. There’s a good forum and the staff will answer queries personally. I guess Jimdo want you buy their full option with 5 GB of storage and other features, but even that costs only 5 euros a month.

Sorry, Maureen - this sounds more like an advert than a reply to your post! Many thanks, Bill Dargue