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Limerick Challenge Re Visited...



An Attempt?

Ted ate his biscuit then demanded spaghetti
Get down the good crystal, now Dotty!
His dutiful wife hurried to do as he said
While Ted opened a very fine red.

(Others have been wonderful - well done!)


master brummie
There was a young lady called Hetty
She lived on just beer and spaghetti
She once ate a biscuit
But would never have risked it
If the water was not crystal clear.

:Aah: Boom boom


Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.
I often ate Biscuits in Brum
But Spaghetti affected my Tum
Now a Bra woman name Crystal
Could eat double helpings of some
But IT had an effect on her B--



Kiwi Brummie Admin' Team
Limerick Challenge Re Visited... Once more
:angel: Hi folks looking back at some old posts I came across our first and second Limerick Challenges. Once again as we have some new blood on the sites, I thought it might be fun over the holiday to make anothe challange... :D YAH
.‚.. See what you can come up with over the next week, or so...

The three words this time are some my youngest Grandchildren like...
Limerick Challenge


1) All three words have to be used in the each verse, but only used once in each verse.:Aah:
2) All verses have to be in good taste... (this rule is in keeping with furom rules)
Have a go and good luck.

Here's my Gransons effort...

There was a young lad with an iPad
Who beavers away as if mad ..
But oh what a bummer
when his actions wrote off his Hummer.

Pom :angel:


knows nowt
My husband, I fear, is a hummer,
Also a singer, in summer
His Ipad was broke, but he said "Okey Doke
I won't be averse to a drummer!"