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Tony B

proper brummie kid
We lived at 178 Twickenham Road... Also attended Twickenham School in 1967 to 1969...
I was in the football team a year above me and also in the final year.. That was a great team winning the H.M.S. Shield and the Waterfall Trophy plus League winners.....
I have attached some pics of the Teams... Mr Smith and old man Lane was the teachers...
I can still remember my team mates names if any one is interested....20200728_132419.jpg

NoelleO 64

master brummie
I don't think I can place them Richarddye, I'm guessing before my time here. Keep safe and well
Hi Andy my friend dave pair and his wife live in Atlantic rd , I fitted his central heating in there house many years ago , the did there sons .dave was into moter racing as a marchal as I recall.

NoelleO 64

master brummie
Thanks for the map. Yes regarding the gap between the houses I believe the builders found it too steep to build on at the time so picked the easy ones, that site was built on in late 60s or early 70s when they used concrete raft instead of footings, they just leveled it out to a gentle slope then cast a slab, then built on that.
looking at your map our house was the first to the left of the gap, Al.
Thank you and all the other people who have responded to my threads I am new to this tec no stuff ant even got a mobile,. I now live in warren farm rd opposite Christ the king school .bought the house 18 years ago. Seen lots of changes many in the village on hawthorne rd . The driver from b o c who delivers ice at work (the blood service) played as I young boy withe the children of the lady we bought the house from ,.her name was hannan . We have a garden railway in the back garden and when building it kept digging up marbles , I still have them and still keep finding them
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