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kings norton mop

Discussion in 'Fun Fairs' started by jake, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. jake

    jake Guest

    we still have kings norton mop every year, thats been going a few years ,
    hope it goe's for a good few more
  2. Phil

    Phil Retired Layabout

    Fair folk gathering with their living vans on Kings Norton Green for the annual Kings Norton mop in 1895, and it looks like it was well established then.


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  3. mysterymermaid

    mysterymermaid Mermaid from Brum!

    We also used to go to Kings Norton Mop every year, my dad knew a lot of the show men and I am still in touch with a lot of them now as they call in for Goldfish.

    I remember one year vividly, I was not well and went to bed early so did not go, Mom and Dad went on their own which was unheard of but my Nan who we lived with insisted they went. I was woken when they got back to find I had a massive pale blue teddy in bed with me which they had wone!:)

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