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John knight,(aka signman).


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Stunning 'At the going down of the sun" John. Loving seeing these. Viv.

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Thanks John, I was looking for a good avatar for this time of year

so was i froth...rememberance sunday 9th of november...if i may john i shall copy froth and use that one as my avatar...be nice if other forum members also used it or another one of their choice of course...lets all show our support..:encouragement:



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Re. Avatar - me too. Hope that's ok John. Think it's perfect. Viv.

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tim eborn

master brummie
Now John Knight what is this about being bored when you have such a talent!
Before I go any further are you related to the Knight family that lived in Tillingham Street and had a hairdressing shop in the city, forget the street name (where did my memory go ?) Went to Stratford Rd Primary School and remember a Neville Knight and Josephine Normansell.
I am 76 and looking forward to the day I retire. Stopped working for a living about 10 years ago but bought an old wooden house with a large garden and the wife and I still have a way to go. Being helped by a rescue dog Labrador also has obligations.
My other question is how do I grab one of your artworks for an Avatar as I think this could set me above the herd I now reside with.
Have to go now as I need me supper at 9.10pm here in downtown Yarram Oz.

john knight

Thanks everyone, feel free to copy anything you like.
Tim, no I'm sorry, no relation.
I will be posting more and will be designing a new Remembrance Sunday one shortly.