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In pursuit of the female sex.


Brummie Dude
This thread is nearly fifteen years old, it has slept long enough! ;) Most posters here are no longer on BHF but I could not see a better place to post.
A post today, in another thread by Postie, mentions his first love, at a tender age.
Mine was, at the time sad. In the summer of 1947 which, unlike the following winter was a lovely summer as far as I remember, the annual visit of the fair came to Shirley. I had become friendly with a lovely girl - well she was to me - who I had, presumably met on the way home from or at school. I asked my father if he would take us both to the fair, which he did, after getting permission from her mother. We had a great time, of that I am certain. I was just nine, she, I guess, a similar age. I do not know how often we met up but given our ages, and she lived a little distance away, not often I guess. The sad part was that my Nanny (my father had not yet re-married) took me to her house as I wanted to see her. We only got as far as the neighbours gate where we were told that she had gone somewhere, I don't remember where - even if I was told. Apparently her mother had committed suicide, using a gas oven!! I never found out why that had happened - children were never told about such things then - but as I got older I drew one or two conclusions. I never saw or heard of her again, but maybe one day I will. I have not mentioned names or roads as she may still be alive. But I remember her first name and surname quite vividly even after 73 years.
The next friendship was equally non productive. Around the age of 12 got to know a girl who came, from time to time, to visit relatives close by. I guess it was all 'women's talk' indoors so she was often outdoors. She came by train from a station close to Stratford-upon-Avon. I remember where she lived but not her name but sadly her relative moved away not long afterwards, so that was no.2 off the list!
But, as they say, every dog has his day, so the stars eventually shone for me. ;)
i am still waiting for mine
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OldBrit in Exile
I have written about this before and I even got help from this forum to verify the info. MY FIRST LOVE just after the war was JUNE HOWELL she lived in the Pre Fabs across and up the street from me in Moat Lane Yardley Brum 26 But, what was neat, is that on a visit to a museum near Brum, Avondale I think, there low and behold was the very actual Pre Fab that she lived in on display along with a really grand WW 2 exhibit, Anderson shelter. Soundtrack Churchill talking Sirens bombs falling plane overhead great stuff. Not sure they still have all that but it was well worth the visit. Made my day.


Ex-pat Brummie
Well I can't say that at any stage in my life that I have been fighting off the female attentions, but things have turned out OK, thank goodness. On the other hand, I've known a couple of guys who were both holders of the title "Ram of ***********" and despite all of the females they had or were married to, they weren't as happy as I was. My first true love was as shy as I was and never married, but is still alive and living in Quinton - no names! I just hope that she is happy.

Maurice :cool: