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anyone know of history of heathfield hospital or pictures of it thanks


Kiwi Brummie Admin' Team

:D Sorry Mary that didn't seem to work - here is the article in it's whole except for the Photo of the wall-
Heathfield Road Maternity Hospital - Wall (There is a photo of a small bit of wall - theonly part of the hospital left)
2000 - 2003 (c.)
On the 7 June 1965 I was born at Heathfield Road Maternity Hospital, 134 Heathfield Road, Handsworth, Birmingham B19. During my search to find out information on the hospital I was amazed at what little information was recorded on it. At Central Library I found a scrapbook on hospitals, compiled mainly from old newspaper cuttings. In this I was able to find out the following information:
The hospital was at first a private concern and opened in 1920. It later became owned by Birmingham Health Authority from 1953 until it closed, on 29 June 1968. (Reference from Victoria County History, minutes of Dudley Road hospital management committee-MS 702/2, Revenue estimates year ending 31 March 1970, Birmingham Archives.) It closed because more modern facilities became available at Good Hope Hospital, Sutton Coldfield, and at Dudley Road Hospital, Winson Green. The article quoted as having in 1961 - 942 births, and 1967 - 1,617 births. - Birmingham Mail 29 June 1968. Another source of information I thought I would get some information about the hospital was to go to the school that is now built on the land. On 20 June 2000 I visited the school. Here the only remains of the hospital I was able to find, that exists to this day are the bricked up fireplaces along the red brick wall that divides the school to the building next door.
During the time I have been doing the project I have been surprised at the amount of people who did not know Handsworth had a hospital - maternity hospital. In total I have met about 12 people who have said they were born there or had a brother or sister who was born there.

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master brummie
Hi "Pom"
funnily,it was only a few months back when I had a discusion with my sister over Heathfield Rd Maternity hospital she was adamant she was born there,that was nearly 80 years ago.myself was born in Loveday St some five years later,gee how time flies


I have just got a copy of my full birth certificate, and found that I too was born at Heathfield road Hospital. In 1951.
My mum, who was an unmarried mother ( shocking in those days) told me that she had been in a home for unmarried mums that was run by Catholic nuns. She was supposed to have me adopted but changed her mind, and wouldnt sign the papers. The nuns gave her hell she said!!!
I don't know anything about my father, who he was, name etc. But if anyone knew my mom. MARY KELLY born in Eire in 1921 I would love to hear from them.
She worked on the buses for a while, and also as a nurse at Rubery Hall Hospital. She sadly now has dementia and cannot comunicate at all.
It would be great to get a few more bits of the puzzle in place.


Heathfield hospital

There were quite a lot of postings on this subject about a year ago. Are they still somewhere in the bowels of the web site and if so can they be resurrected I mentioned about moving ladies by ambulance from Bourn House in Trinity Rd when they went into labour to Heathfield and then shipping them back soon after they had delivered


BOURN HOUSE< TRINITY ROAD??? would that be the unmarried mothers home I wonder??? Can anyone remember any details of that place at all??? Cos that would fit what my mum told me about her confinement. Please please think!!!


The buck stops here
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Hi Bernadett.
In my 1933 Birmingham yearbook, there is a Maternity and child welfare centre listed at 92 Trinity road.
The description is " At these centres infants and mothers, or expectant mothers, are examined and advice is given as to their health, Instruction is also given in mothercraft, sewing, cookery and health matters."

Hope this is of some use to you. :wink:


master brummie
Kelly/s 1933 134 Heathfield road Handsworth City of Birmingham Maternity Home.
Miss A.E. Charnley, Matron

92 Trinity Road City of Birmingham Maternity and Infantile Municipal Centre. Birchfields.


hospitals-bourn house

I dont think it was only for unmarried mothers although there were fewer of them in the 1950s. It was a place were women went in the later stages of pregnancy perhaps if problems were foreseen and then they could be moved the short distance to heathfield for expert delivery


heathfield rd

i wasborn there in1946 at that time theynv busy and i was underweght probably because my mom took copious amounts of caster oil she hadnt been with her husband for 5 years a mere baby wasnt to stand in her way

Big julie

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[QUOTE="Big julie, post: hi I was born heathfield hospital In June 1965, been trying to find a photo of hospital

Big Gee

master brummie
I was born at Heathfield Road Maternity Hospital in June 1946. The building was demolished, I think some time in the 1970's. There is (or was a few years ago) some kind of small park or playground where the Hospital was. There is (or was) also a very large mural of an elephant in the jungle on the high wall of the surviving building that was next door.

The Maternity And Infantile Centre on Trinity Road wasn't just for unmarried mothers. I can actually remember going there for an examination (this was before I started primary school!) and the nurse told my mother I was knock-kneed! Which I don't think went down very well! However, it was true, and I had to attend a clinic in (IIRC) Sheep Street, for exercises which 'un-knocked' my knees.