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Hawkes Street


Brummie babby
Hi Everyone,

I am new to this forum and this is my first post so please be kind! I am currently researching my family tree on my father's side (Bown) and I already know that they moved from Gloucester to Birmingham in the late 1880s. Having already carried out much research on the Bown's in Gloucester I have now turned my attention to their time in Birmingham. My Great Great Great Granddad, George Charles Bown is recorded as living in Hawkes Street in 1891 and was a Wood Sawyer. What I am after, if you kind people could oblige, is some photos of Hawkes Street before the back to backs were knocked down. George lived there till he died in 1924 and resided at 3 Laburnum Terrace, 43, 59 and 75 Hawkes Street. Much of the Bown family were born, lived and died here so any photos or memories of the Street would be appreciated. I do have some early photos that may of been taken in Hawkes Street but unfortunately I don't have any confirmation. Thank you!Annie Bown (Nee Smith).jpgDorothy, Winifred, Norman and Gertrude (Left To Right Front) Philip and Frank Bown (Left To Righ.jpgHarry Bown.jpg


Hi chriseponymous, I had never heard of Hawkes street before, but there is one in Small Heath, by Coventry Rd.
Sorry I haven't any photos but I did like the ones you posted.


Brummie babby
Hi Kejaha,

Thank you for the reply. It's an old post that I still keep an eye on! Do you know when the houses originally there were demolished? If you have any photos of the street i would love to see them. Thanks again.

Kind Regards
Chris Bown


Staff member
best i can do is this one..hawkes st on the left..sorry dont know the st/rd on the right


hawkes street.jpg


New Member
Hi there
I know its an old thread but Chris I lived at 59 Hawkes Street from about 1960 to 1964
Do you have any street scenes near your home of the time - I guess that it was changed since 19th C.? we have family who lived at 50 Hawkes Street in 1881


master brummie
My grandfather was Raymond Joseph Bown he lived on Monica Road in Small Heath which is about a mile away from Hawkes Street :)