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Happy Valley fishing in the Canal


Ex-pat Brummie

I was a regular with my father until his death in 1952 - quite a few roach in there as well. After he died, I was in the middle of my MGS eductaion, my mother was doing three jobs just to make ends meet, and it wasn't the same without Dad, and I didn't go fishing again until I moved south to Dorset and then it was Poole Harbour or just offshore for a few years. Nowadays I leave the catching to local Greek fishermen and concentrate on the eating! :cool:



master brummie
Used to collect frogspawn from the little basin at the back of the Three Horseshoes pub in Millpool Hill. Never did find out where the millpool was, though.


master brummie
Stickler backs and gudgeon were a real pain when you were hoping for roach. Never believed there were any roach until the locks drained out at Perry Barr then saw dozens of dead ones.