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Happy Jack


Robert Harrison

With a nor wester blowing at my back,
And my coat tales flapping as I walk the road.
I sing out load, a most pleasant Happy Jack,
A bedroll, my pot and pan, the sky as my abode.
What need have I of friend?  I make no foe.
I am content to walk my way where air I like,
The fields and sky, the creatures these I know
Though I raise my hat to maid as one might.

You call me a vagabond but I tell that I am not,
For I have been educated at the best schools.
Why, you may ask have I chosen this as my lot,
And I will with some reluctance reply to fools
Who have no interest in my welfare, not one tittle.
My Lot you call it, I chose because I am free
From the compulsory education, which offers little
But mans ways to act, as he would have me be.

I have no walls to my home as I wander the byways
Of the school of my own choosing my friend.
If I seek to go or stay, or whatever, they are my ways
I go for the sake of going, from beginning to end.
Where I finish up is always the place where I want to be.
Worry not that I am a vagabond I will survive,
Go home to your lunch of week old meat and cup of tea,
Fresh my rabbit or pheasant and honey from the hive.

©Harrison 2007