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Great King Street memories

Bob Davis

Bob Davis
My mother Joyce Davis worked ar Great King Street for many years, just a note to say that if there is anyone still around who knew her she passed away last December...still as sharp as ever

Bob davis


proper brummie kid

I think we are talking about the 8FL and the 9FL Units. They are in fact Electronic units that fit in Your Wiring
Harness. Adjustment would have been part of the Final Assy Operations.
The Units themselves are of Japanese Origin.
Bernard will be the best on this Subject.

Mike Jenks
I have some recollections of the ladies adjusting these units in GK3, particularly the small rectangular ones (8FL?). The units contained a thin metal leaf which they would bend and manipulate while watching a dot on an oscilloscope screen rise up then shoot across. I could never work out what it was exactly they were doing to those units to get them into spec but they were bloody quick at it!


Brummie babby
My first full time job was at King Street in the computer department of S&S. This was back in the early 70's when they were running NCR machines. I was there when they upgraded those machines building a spanking new, state of the art, computer room. When the head honchos came to visit, one of them lit a cigar, triggering the fire alarms, and shutting the place down. Don't think they were to pleased when we grabbed the master tapes and rushed out just before the steel shutters came crashing down.