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Born a Brummie
Hi Postie,

I wonder if you have a photograph of Telephone House in Newhall Street please.

I worked there straight from school in 1955, and I enjoyed ever minute there.

I made many "Telephone" friends all over the country.

Ah............memories :)


Born a Brummie
Thanks Postie, I remember it well.

I see that the stools are still in favour today, used as computor chairs. :)


master brummie
Rowan: Where you still at the exchange in Newhall Street when it had a gas explosion in the basement.  Guess it was about 1960.
I recall the telephonists still manned the exchange, after the explosion, even though the rest of the building was evacuated due to the possiblity of a second one occurring, due to the continued gas leak.  Brave ladies.
One fatality.  I believe this was the caretaker who had lit his stove to brew his tea.


Born a Brummie
Hi Will,

No I wasn't there then, I had left to get married and was a Mother of one in 1960.

lynn winterton

hi i worked at telephone house from 1969 to 1975 when i left to have my daughter, it was very strict but us girls always managed a laugh! i remember being evacuated when we had bomb scares and going under the post office tower, what a sight that must have been all of us crossing over the road.