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forhill house kings norton;

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I also believe it was used in the war as some sort of recuperation place for injured service men but don't know more about this. spk soon, regards Zed
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I live in the new redevelopment. 18 apartments plus a coach house. Staff houses remain. Does anyone know whe I can source photos of the original Forhill House? I've read the posts. Any more info?


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hi newbie brummie, just wondering which staff houses you lived in, I have friends who lived there and know from them they cant find any pics on line regarding forhill hse


Gone, but not forgotten.

Take a look at this very interesting site for information on Forhill House and other similar institutions.


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Hi Astonian,

Cannot remember that name off hand and I knew a lot of staff there over the years but was quite young the first time I lived there (parents worked there). I am still in touch with some people. Have also bumped into a few of the lads who were in there too..I am interested in the history of the place but cannot find much, have seen a few helpful threads on here but would like to know more about its past. We first moved to the Staff Houses in 1974. Best wishes Zed
When Forhill house closed in 1987 the staff were re-deployed across the city to different childrens homes and centres. I worked at St John's childrens home in Gravelly Hill Erdington with a chap called Mick who lived in one of the staff houses at Forhill.

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I worked there for a few weeks as a 'holiday relief' when it was known as an Observation and Assessment Centre. There were some good staff there,but I was not happy about one inciden I witnessed there and something I was told about the head of the home at the time

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hi would like to hear anything you know about that place and about the head of the home. i know lads that spent time in there and i have been told some bad things about that place and what went on there.


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Barrow Cadbury seems to have an idea of how to deal with the welfare of children. Bromsgrove Council had already rejected one site he had purchased...probably not in my back yard!

He had idea that it should be an observation Centre, where a boy was sent not merely out of trouble while on remand, but a place where his behaviour and outlook could be carefully studied....Evening Despatch 1945
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In post 21 our sadly missed friend Astonian mentioned the role of the Cadbury family. In post 36 the press cutting from 1945 shows the purchase of Forhill House by Barrow Cadbury for use as a Remand Home. Meanwhile Paul Cadbury was the main man at Middlemore Homes, sending children to the colonies.

Respect rough kneck for speaking out. Too many people, for too many years, and in too many institutions have turned a blind eye.
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