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I see that Flicker is about to change their usage terms and conditions. It is currently set at 1Tb of data for a fee account. They are about to set a limit of 1,000 images before you must move to a pro (paid) account.

I don’t know how this will affect anyone here who is using a free account and has over 1,000 images, I have 1,200. I do recall the inconvenience that Photo Bucket caused when it suddenly wanted to start charging for linked content.

I have not made up my mind if I want to pay for a pro account as yet.


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I have been with Flicker for some time now (with a pro account), they were recently taken over, I will jump ship if things start to get too bad I have recently had my 5 million visits to my photos, the good news is that in the new year the video length can be extended from it present level of 3 mins to 10 mins, I think that it will a case of watch this space, this chap is worth a visit he visit count must be about 15? million I would think https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums


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I have a Pro account, but haven't added any pictures since I gave up running a local photo group some 18 months ago. This year I renewed it, probably for the last time, and, of course, everything is backed up a couple of times on two portable hard drives. Whilst at the same time I have moved my website to a new server with unlimited space and everything else. More server space than I know what to do with! Whilst I have a few followers on Flickr, they must be getting bored that I haven't added anything in yonks! :)

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I was with Panoramio and really enjoyed the communication with people from all over the Globe. However it fell in to the hands of Google and they eventually closed it. I am now with Ipernity, but like many others, they charge if you wish to to upload a fair amount.