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master brummie
I expect you have already investigated this book Cromwell, but may be of interest to other people...
"Fernwood Grange...catalouge of the valuable interior and exterior fixtures and fittings....to be sold by auction Feb10, 11, 12 1937 Birmingham, Banks and Guest"
It's at Sutton Coldfield library, reference only, cannot be loaned out, shelf location is SH58.9FER


knowlegable brummie
A Mrs. Beston lived next door to my grandmother at 27 Sandon Road in the early 50s. I think she was widowed but was well off for those times, she shopped in Marshall and Snelgrove.


Ah good old Marshall and Snelgrove. My Mom used to go into there but only to look from what I recall.


master brummie
Fernwood replies here

Hi, just came across this site and found it most interesting. I to was waiting for the next installment! It dosen't look as though we shall hear anymore.
Re: Fernwood replies here

I believe my grandmother (Mary Noonan) was a parlour maid here in 1918 and my greatgrandfather (Patrick Noonan) was a land steward.Is there any way to corroberate this and get any more info about them?
I am trying to imagine what life was like for all these people,the family and the staff, at this time.


Re: Fernwood replies here

Hi Frankieandjonney

Sorry but not sure how you would be able to find the info you are looking for.

The Fernwood topic certainly had most of us engrossed - sitting back waiting for the next instalment.

Sadly the member who provided us with this tantalising story is no longer a member so we have all been left in limbo.

Not sure if Birmingham Library has any info.

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