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Events at Embassy Sportsdrome, Walford Rd.


master brummie
Edit - this thread is about events held at the Embassy. There’s a thread exclusively about roller skating at the Embassy on the thread here https://birminghamhistory.co.uk/forum/index.php?threads/embassy-roller-rink-walford-road.3431/

Anyone remember the Embassy Sportsdrome in Walford Road or have any pictures of it?
I used to work there in the 1970s when it was Zetter's Bingo.

It still had the special wooden roller rink flooing and they used to sell the tickets from the old skate hire rooms.

Any info, pics or recollections awaited with interest!

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Gone, but not forgotten.

I don't believe there has been a photo of the Embassy as a bingo hall posted as yet.


Sparkbrook Embassy Rink.jpg
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master brummie
Hi all
Way back in the late 40s or early 50s i saw louis armstrong at the embassey.
My problem is to convince anyone that on the bill was a one legged tap dancer
by the name of peg leg pete .please some one back me up.

I remember going to Bingo there once in the 70s. As i recall they Had a Bird in the foyer That used to Talk. We went to see Emile Ford who was appearing in the Interval.


master brummie
I have never been to the Bingo hall but went roller skating their in the 50s, also to the Masque Ballroom other side of road with my late Wife dancing. Eric


master brummie
thanks for info on peg leg .imust have got the
last name wrong but i did see them there for sure.
At least they wont be calling the men in the
white coats to me.

Elizabeth Redmond

I think this is the place I used to go to see Wrestling, in the 60s


master brummie
Hi thats correct.also profeshional boxing in the 50s.
I saw the great randolph turpin and jack gardener
both fight there.


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Caggy ken
One of the references did say he was also known as Pegleg Pete, though from the rest of the info it would seem that Bates was more common


I used to go roller skating at the Embassy in the late 30`s early 40`s. In 1954 I proposed to my girl friend in the Masque Ballroom and I have still got the pleasure of living with her and loving her after 57 years. Geff

norfolk brummie

gone but not forgotten
Louis Armstrong & his All Stars performed there in early [email protected] I know, I met him. Roller rink opened again after WW2, circa 1946/7. I remember that on the opening night the queue went from the front entrance to almost Conway Rad - around 200-3000 people. During WW2 the rink was a munitions factory. Imagine that - on a main Brum Road, and net to a school- No health & safety in those days. Also remember Randolph Turpin and his brothers from Leamington fighting on the boxing bill.


Brummie Dude
fair play to that man i cant dance on two. i went skating there.and that song telsar still reminds me of the place when i ear it. lol