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Here are a few, will have a sort through my folders


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Thanks to everyone for posting the great photos of Erdington. Templar, I have never seen photos of Mason Road Baths' interior from that era. The ironwork entrance area one is very special. I went there with two schools for swimming but learned to actually swim in Kingstanding. My father came along to watch me swim 28 lengths of Mason Road pool. I was so dizzy that I almost feel back into the pool when I climbed out. I remember the little cafe where they sold Oxo and Hot Chocolate.
The photo of Erdington High Street going towards the Village Green on the left hand side brings back many memories. I am always looking out for a photo of Dick's Cafe and in this photo it is just out of the picture on the left hand side where a Cafe sign is hung. I have only ever run across one person who remembered Dick's Cafe and Bakery. They used to supply baked goods for special parties at the Anstey Club which was close to where the Pavilion Cinema was on Gravelly Lane.Mom used to take my oldest brother and I there after shopping. The Cafe section was upstairs. They sold wonderful cakes, tea and coffee and on the ground floor was a huge copper coffee urn and there was a roaster at the back of the shop. The smell of roasting coffee was so inviting.
On the old Woolworth's photo, corner of Barnet Road just beyond the building is a lamp post. That's where the Charlie Hall pub is now across from the Market. Last time I was home I went in there by myself...a big deal since I had never been in a pub on my own before!
Also, I am looking for a list of business operating in the High Street in the years after WW2 and up to 1960.
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I'm glad you like the pictures Jennyann, will keep my eyes peeled for one of Dicks Cafe.
I've been in the Charlie Hall once or twice, don't like it, as with all Wetherspoons pubs.
It was built as a bingo hall and then converted to a pub, so makes it far too big inside for my liking.
That picture must have been taken standing right outside of the National school.
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This is a great photo of Erdington High street and the Palace Picture house,I think it was a theatre them days?
Has anyone got any idea of the date of this photo?


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Am not sure when the electric tram service started in High St erdington, but Richard Slaney, bootmaker, 82 High St is listed there till 1912, but was under a different name in 1913


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Frothy, I seem to remember this building was down the street not far from the Palace Cinema in the early l950's.