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Does anyone recognise the family


master brummie
Going through my late Uncle/Aunts photographs I came across the att. photos. I have no idea who the children are or when the photos were taken. On the reverse of one of them is the following info. Variety View (Home Services) Local agent, with an address of 37A Horse Fair Birmingham 1. Communications By Post Only. From what I can see I assume that the two pics were of the same children, scan 1 having being taken first with the second one some years later, I think that they may have been taken sometime in the 1950s, but of course I could be wrong. My Uncles name was Leonard Pickin and my Aunt was Joan Pickin (nee Sabin) if that helps.134857Scan1.jpg134858


master brummie
They look happy, healthy children. I wonder what happened to them? Are they still about?