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Cure for a powk. [eyelid pimple]

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
I was talking to someone the other day with one of these and she said years ago they would tell you to rub your wedding ring across it. Something to do with gold. Has anyone else heard of this?. Jean.


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Well Jean, it's been a very long time since I heard the word 'powk'. Dreadful things. I used to get get Golden Eye Ointment for them, but not sure that ut was entirely effective. Remember waking up with an eye glued together with one of those. Pretty disgusting really when I think about it! Viv.

lynne webb

master brummie
Oh Jean you have taken me back there, mom always rubbed her wedding ring on powks (what an awful word). I remember my gran buying our warts, she would give us money for them and then they would disappear, she swore it worked.


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Yes the wedding ring trick seemed to work for me too,however I don’t seem to get them now I’m older (touch wood).

It’s funny really because gold is pretty inert, so I have noidea how or why it works.


master brummie
Yes Jean, my Mom also used to rub any stye we got with her wedding ring. It was really soothing when she did that and seemed to cool things down! Later we also used the Golden Eye ointment too.



master brummie
Same here, I wonder why it worked and where the notion came from. I do remember 'Golden eye ointment' too. That was messy stuff. As children we all seemed to get those nasty things didn't we? Fortunately, I think most of grew out of them, a bit like excema at the back of the ears.


master brummie
Yes. The wedding ring always worked, but I think any gold would do. It was just that the only gold object in most households was the wedding ring. Golden Eye Ointment too. Remember my gran when she was quite elderly trying to stick back a piece of wallpaper the budgie had pulled off. She couldn´t understand why it wouldn´t stick until Dad pointed out she was using Golden Eye Ointment instead of glue.
The tubes were similar & her eyesight wasn´t what it was.

brenda barr

master brummie
When l was a child l often had styes on my eyes and they were so painfull (l wonder if it was to do with our diet in the war years)..mom always made a tealeaf poltice l put on when l went to bed and whalla the next morning it was gone...Brenda

G G Jean

Brummy Wench.
senoraraz like the story about your nan and the eye ointment for glue. I said on here before that I once picked up a tube of super glue instead of the eye drops. They are so similar in shape and size. Brenda they say cold tea bags are good for tired eyes. I tried it once to be left with large brown circles round mine. Jean.


Mum used some powder in water to bathe a stye, (boracic or something like that) but I preferred the wedding ring!! I hated the poultices on boils, she made them from hot water and stale bread!!
I think they changed the formula of Golden Eye ointment recently.

the smiths

master brummie
My Mom used her wedding ring on my styes but she always used to put the ring in her mouth first to wet it always worked
they were very sore and ugly so I used to wear a pink patch with little air holes in the top of it to cover mine up.


master brummie
I had loads of styes when I was small, I was prescribed Golden Eye Ointment, but it did nothing for the pain!


Proud to be a Brummie !!
It was always a wedding ring that my mom said would work..usually did the trick for us.