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Bromford Bridge



Does anyone remember the racecource at Bromford Bridge? I went there once with an uncle but my strongest memory is of the housing estate they built on it (when did it close?) The estate had streets called Arkle Way and Hyperion Drive. I used to have a girlfriend who lived there and every time I went round her house late at night there was always this Alsatian that attacked me (no, not hers!).


I went to Bromford Bridge a few times, never won anything on the nags. Don't remember when it closed but I think it was gone by the mid 60's but can't be sure. I used to have a boyfriend in Fairholm Road but no Alsatian problem. The Nipper was an 8yr old nuisance to a teenager with a boyfriend! :oops:


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The last race was in 1965 and the first houses on the new Bromford Bridge estate were built in 1967.Chillingholme Tower is now empty awaiting demolision.


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My parents kept the Bromford Inn and always did very well on race days from car parking on the pub's grounds together with the extra trade from beer and bar snacks. - happy days


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Only went once with my school mate and his eldest Brother, but I did live in Chipperfield Road about 1958 :)