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Birth records western road workhouse


master brummie
I am searching for an uncle of mine Thomas John Brooks who was believed born in Dec 1920 at the Western Road Workhouse. He was subsequently bought up in Father Hudson's Home Coleshill.

From records received from the home it appears he was born out of wedlock and there is some doubt that the birth was ever registered by the mother May Brooks. Father Hudsons never obtained a birth certificate copy or baptismal certificate and in later life Thomas could not produce a copy of his birth certificate for national insurance registration purposes.

In this case would the birth show on the Workhouse records or was certification the sole responsibility of the mother? Could a birth be registered retrospectively if the mother never originally registered the birth ?

No record of the birth of Thomas John Brooks can be found on the BMD database available through the genealogy sites.

Any help greatly appreciated.


New Member
The admission records and baptism records for the Western Road House are in the reference library, as far as I know. I saw them when I was researching my book, Archway of Tears, and assisted in their transit from the Dudley Road site to safe keeping in the city archives
Hope this assists


That is very good to know David that the records have been saved and are now in a place where they can be recorded and kept. I now have your book but haven't started reading it yet as I am so busy. I will start after Christmas.


Brummie babby
Hi you may have found the birth certificate by now (I am knew to the forum).....but I asked the Birmingham Registry Office for a birth certificate for my Grandmother just giving her mothers name and what I thought was the fathers name, they called me and said they found the certificate but there was no father........the certificate stated that she was born in the Western Road Infirmary (Workhouse) father unknown.

Hope you find what you are looking for.