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Birmingham from the air



View attachment 63356This one is of The Central Library site seen from above Baskerville House in 1967. It can be seen that an area has already been cleared to make way for
a new Library and another section of the of the Inner Ring Road. The buildings on the corner of Broad Street have also gone.


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1964 again, looking past the old church of Saint Catherine of Sienna in The Horsefair up Suffolk Queensway towards the old Central Library sandwiched between the Town Hall and Baskerville House. The church was replaced in 1964 by a new circular building further down Bristol Street.


master brummie
Nice ones Stitcher , that patch of waste land at the bottom of the Holloway
was the foundations for the Gay Towers which they are now nicknamed .
ragga ..........


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1964, looking north over the Bull Ring and New Street Station towards Baskerville House and beyond.
A newsreel aerial view of just this very location filmed during the construction of the 1960s Bull Ring (or should I more accurately say "the destruction of the old Market Hall?) has recently been posted on the universities' MACE website.

Here's the link to the short feature: www.macearchive.org.uk/Media.htm?Title=5042#


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Came across this today , must have been taken around 1963 ??
ragga .......
Later on in 1963 if not early 1964, Ragga. The MACE archive has a mini-video regarding the building of the Rotunda. In the video, the structure is only half-way up and the old Market Hall not yet demolished and that is dated September '63; whereas in the postcard the Market Hall has come down and the Rotunda is nearly all the way up. (Alternatively it could be well into 1964,and the Rotunda is needing its windows cleaning already!)



master brummie

Found these the other day but im unsure about the locations .

No1 Garrettes green industral estate .
No2 Garettes green again i think ? .
No3 Tyseley .
No4 Possible Swanhurst park ??
ragga ..............


master brummie

Found this on the net the other day , it took me a good 5 minutes
to work out which part of Birmingham i was looking at ..... can you ??


Exiled Brummie
Easy peasy Raga. In the middle is what I know as the Bromford Trangle where I was born (just below the big white warehouses) and lots of my relatives lived - now a derelict site - and to the right of it The Navigation pub on the canal.


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under repait.JPG

I would like to try to repair this thread, but I think it will be difficult replacing the photos. I have a Birmingham Photographic Atlas which consists of photos of Birmingham from above, but some of the photos here have no location. So could I ask that if any original poster still has an original photo could they please replace it. If anyone else has one of the photos or the OP is unable to replace it in the original spot could they just replace it at the beginning of the thread with the post number it belongs to and I will replace it where it belongs and delete the post, keeping the thread tidy.