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Birmingham FC



I was born in 1940 and by the time I was 5 I was a regular Blues fan and supporter because my Dad took me to all the home games and a few of the aways.

tim eborn

master brummie
Saw Gil Merrick once in Lewis's. It some sort of promotion in the sports dept. You could try to score against Gil, think it w's c1952.
Cheers Tim


Deleted Upon Request
Wasn't the site supposed to have been a gypsy camp originally, and i suppose they were turned off to allow the ground to be developed.

Hence the rumour of the curse..


As a child I was taken to most blues home games and a few away ones as well. I remember the spectators were all intermingled and would talk to each other during Half time. I do not remember any aggravation between them when one or the other team scored.