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birmingham corporation bus clock in for drivers


gone but not forgotten
hi guys ;
i just had to tell you today that i went to comberton hill kidderminster today buy a stars and stripes flag [ american ]
when i got near to the old army and navvy stores in comberton hill which was virtualy facing the kidderminster rail way statation
i went to park my car in there but i could not be allowed ;
but when i was turning around to come out and repark ;right out side on there grounds painted in a darl green was a bus drivers clock in
the ones we had in brum years ago ;and if i am not mistaken it was working ; i am sure ;
i was totally surprized i thought all these was scrapped it was definately a corporation one slap bang in the middle of its post ;
just below its clock face its stamped BCT ; I said to the misses cor blimmey i aint seen them in years and i must tell the guys ;
i wonder if there is any more knocking about lads ;
best wishes astonian ;


master brummie
I wonder why it's in Kidderminster too Astonian, and which buses might still use it? Would be good if someone knows the answer!


master brummie
Theres 2 bungy clocks i know of (excluding musuems ) the one Astonian saw outside Kidderminster railway station
( Severn valley railway ) and the other one at Lea hall station in the booking area . there must be more dotted
around Birmingham .


gone but not forgotten
HI good morning jenny
many thanks for putting up the picture of the bundy clock of kiddie;its looks good doesnt it ;
yes i would like to find outjust how many more there are out there ; if any
it would be great if any of our members keep there eyes open and do a bit of an account i think ;
i was totally excited when i turned around and spotted it ; my misses wondered what on earth am i getting excited about ;
jenny ; thanks again for the picture and now one or two members are saying that could be more still standing i will keep them peeled as shaw taylor s
catch phrase was on police five years ago ;
i am off to hamms hall lane car booty tomorrow so as i travel i will look out for more ;
have your self a nice week end ; alan ;; astonian;;;


Lubrication In Moderation
I wished they was still being used,they would stop the buses bunching up as they do these days.
great photos.


Here's a photo taken of Michael with a bundy clock at Wythall Bus Museum....well worth a visit.



master brummie
As kids we used to hang around the Maypole terminus a lot.

We used to be fascinated, watching the crews putting the big brass key into the clock and over the moon when the more indulgent ones would stamp the back of our hand with it.

Mike Fisher

Billesley Boy
As kids we used to hang around the Maypole terminus a lot.

We used to be fascinated, watching the crews putting the big brass key into the clock and over the moon when the more indulgent ones would stamp the back of our hand with it.
Was it like this ?


master brummie

Although the bus has long gone and the roadway drastically altered, that house survives (as offices now) and of course the island is much bigger. Compare to a recent view.

"Pegging the clock" has been replaced by software built into the ticket machines, and on-bus GPS systems that show exactly where the bus is at any given time. "Big Brother" is no longer clockwork!
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master brummie
I think I put the origins of Bundy clocks elsewhere on the forum, but for completeness on this board - The story of the Bundy brothers' company and its rise to become IBM is here, along with a photo of the one preserved at Walsall in WMPTE blue colour - in BCT days they were green, as were main road lampposts.
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master brummie

I remember the Bundy Clock on the outer circle route on
the River Cole bridge near Sarehole Mill. That was in the
1950's, and Sarehole Mill was derelict and overgrown then.

Kind regards



master brummie
JennyAnn's painting could the position of the number 8 be at the top of rocky lane just before aston cross going on to park lane. the railway bridge is not there any more, but i can just remember it back in 1968/69 by tubes ltd. kind regards sidwho
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My Ma was a 'clippy', and I often used to take her a bite to eat on the way to the terminus in the 60's!! The old buses were so much easier to recognise anyone - as they could wave off the back platform as arriving!!


New Member
The remaining BCT bundy clocks were removed by CENTRO around 1997 and were mostly scrapped, but a few were auctioned off. About the same time my friend uncovered a number of previously removed ones in a store room in the former Miller Street tram/bus garage along with a pile of round BCT bus stop plates. He put in a bid to buy them which was accepted. He passed a couple to museums and friends and has an imaculate restored one on his garden in Halesowen (He was a Quinton born lad).

I have an unrestored base in my garage, but never got around to getting a top Most of the bus stop tops are in my fathers garage.