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Birmingham City Police 1839 - 1974

Roger Baker

master brummie
The ventriloquist tale had more substance; Ackerman was pretty talented as a comic. He convinced a visiting Chief Inspector from up North that we had 'radio-pens' for use on stake-outs, by doing an impromptu vent act with his Parker pen! !

Just one more reminisce.. Who recalls the Sturdy brothers, Bob and Jim?

[/QUOTE Unfortunately they both passed away recently. I knew both of them Two great characters. Sad loss taken too soon

Paul G

New Member
Hi all Paul Such here I have just joined the forum I was in Birmingham City Police from 1960 to 1965 when I left to come to Australia Initially stationed at Sparkhill as F119 living in single men's quarters there and then at Kings Heath until transferring to Traffic Motorcycle patrols at Duke Street as R 348 does anyone remmeber me?

Paul G

New Member
Hi James, I worked with your father on Traffic about 1963, he was known as Ken, lovely chap with a good sense of humour. Mind you in those days you had to have a sense of humour other-wise you wouldn't survive. Others around at the time were Leo Harris, Ken Fisher (the white boot man). The Vicar -Stan Green, Bullet 'R'. 303. I will explain the 'White boot man' If anyone visited Duke Street Garage and stood talking for more than a minute. They would leave with white painted boots. Your mom and dad lived at the back of the Odeon Perry Barr. As mentioned previously he died whilst pushing a car. A tragic loss.
George Thursfield.
Yes I was one of those who got their boots painted white


master brummie
Does anybody know Martin Green joined Birmingham City Police after demob from the Coldstream Guards in 1960 discharged on medical grounds in the 60s went to work for the Birmingham Mail.

Tony Tiger

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Reading through posts reminded me of Green Lane baths, 2301307229_73400b00d0_z.jpg every Tuesday night (I think) it was for Police and their families. I remember the victorian interior with the changing rooms around the pool. My sister and I used to catch the bus from our Police house in Sheldon and after got chips and a pickled onion from the chippie down the road before catching the bus back, early 60's. I remember watching the Police water polo matches of which my Dad was a player, I learnt to swim there, its a real shame the interior was not protected as a "listed interior". Its now a mosque now I believe?
My dad, Doug Corrie, also played water polo there. Rick, what was your dad's name?