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Birmingham boxers?


knowlegable brummie
i worked and played football with tommy jennings at the morris over 43 years ago he was a handfull has footballer so he must have been has a boxer jh

susan flanagan

Brummie babby
hi paul how are things with you, not seen albert for a few months,did mention you to him and he does remember you and colin cash, nice to hear from you and hear to keep in touch about the good old days sue

Emmie Germishuys

master brummie

I am just wondering what year this photo was taken as my Grandfather was also a Birmingham Boxer who boxed between 1926 into the 1940's. His boxing name was Len "Tiger" Smith - Leonard Horace Smith.




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Hi Emmie, I have sent the picture to my grandad who is Bert's son, I'm awaiting to hear back from him about the age of this picture. To be honest it's my mom who could do with talking to people about my great grandad as she's the historian who has done her family tree. I know she'd love to talk to anyone about zoetrope Taylor. From the bxonb records I've seen, Bert fought your grandfather a fair bit!!


proper brummie kid
Hi Emmie, I have sent the picture to my grandad who is Bert's son, I'm awaiting to hear back from him about the age of this picture. To be honest it's my mom who could do with talking to people about my great grandad as she's the historian who has done her family tree. I know she'd love to talk to anyone about zoetrope Taylor. From the bxonb records I've seen, Bert fought your grandfather a fair bit!!
HI my name Is Keith Reuben, my father was Percy Reuben he was an amateur boxer in the 40s and 50s, 2 of his brothers Dave Reuben and Joe Reuben were both Professionals and they all knew lots of people around the birmingham area associated with boxing. I have a bit of dads memorabilia of his boxing, i have heard dad talk of several boxers one being Bert Taylor. I have looked through some of it and found a boxing bill from 1941 with B Taylors name on it. It was at castle bromwich sports and social club. The now Jaguar factory where strangely enough i work. I enjoy reading anything associated with old birmingham boxers a it was in the family. Im not saying this is the same B Taylor but dad used to talk about him a lot when he talked about boxing. I have scanned the bill. hope it is to do with what you are looking for. Keith img019.jpg


gone but not forgotten
Nice to hear from you and thanks for the pictures of bert ; i was wondering whether or not had you got any of dave ;
i knew dave and the wife very well indeed i knew them for donkeys years and i used to go to there house very often;
and i think i have heard of you in time gonebye ; did you ever work at the six ways shop for dave
dave always dressed highlly imacurately so was the house in selly park ;
the last time i had seen dave which is to many years i can recall in time gone bye he had sold hiis house and had a nice bungolow built up the harborne
and this one day he must have thought he was going home to selly park ,every body knew him well at least alot of them in selly park
but he got the bus driver to stop on the pershore rd at the bottom of his old rd and it looked like he was tanked up
and his shirt was half off him and he was staggering he went to cross the rd and relized and started to go along the pershore rd
i presume to catch another bus to get back home i felt sorry for him i beleive he sold his house to an ex coper whom ran a hotel club up the hagley rd
not far from the kings head i am just trying to think of his wifes name but she was a very loving person and she was highly house proud
even after the house keeper had been and dustyed she would go around again touching up where she thought the cleaning had missed abit ;
i hope you do not mind me saying that ,but i reallly did know them and he gave me a fiver to get flowers for my mother when she died
dave came in from the bussiness and she told him i my misfortune and he said here you are son by some flowers as he was not drinking there during the day time beleive me he was a well resoected man ; and never forgotton by friends and aquaintes best wishes Astonian;;;


proper brummie kid
Hiya, yes it was sad Dave suffered dementia and was admitted to a home and died in there, i went to his funeral with dad who a few years later got dementia and was in the same home as Dave and died within 12 months of going in the home. Dave was a lovely man as you say along with the rest of the Reuben family. Great people and they knew some very nice people too. Lots of history.


gone but not forgotten
Many thanks for your qiuck responce berg; and i appreciate it that you have told me about the loss of dave
i only wish i had got wind of it but i had left brum for worcestershire afew years back otherwise i would have turned out at the funeral for him to mark my respect for him i did wnt to use the word of demyion but i thought it might be abit offending you and the family by useuing that expression ; berg ;did you know of the turn out for his funaral; the reason why i asked i wonder if you knew the charlton ,s
and to asked did they attend or not ;he was a great guy and i will never for get him when i am in selly park i often refere to them both
to people whom live within the selly park avenues to well known people whom are still living there even since the BBC have long gone
al;ot of the welll kown producers and actors are still there they travel down to london now but they still kept there homes
and i see them quite often ;as i am well known down selly park ;i could write book myself on selly park
i have it from a good source that selly park is going to be transform over the next couple of years there is some good stuff lied up for
selly park and it will be really sort after to live in ;
thanks berg ; for coming back so soon best wishes Astonian;;


proper brummie kid
i think you will find that RAY CORBETT worked at bulpitt and sons spring hill (swan brand) about the late 1950 or so, may be later.

Lady Penelope

master brummie
I know this is well before the dates which have been discussed in this thread but Birmingham boy, Charlie Norton, became 'Lightweight Champion of the World' in the late 1800's after he had emigrated to New Jersey to continue his career over there. I was researching boxing in Birmingham (or rather trying to) in the mid 1800's but as this was prior to it's re-emergence from the shadows I found it quite tough. Two ex-boxing venues were still in existence until recently one, the Victoria Hall in Bath Street, in the old Gun Qtr and The Museum Concert Hall in Park Street. Unusual to find anything still standing! I found quite a bit of information from the Midland Sporting News at the Newspaper Library in Colindale but I've got an idea this has now closed. I'm not sure how long this magazine ran for either.


Brummie babby
Hi I am interested in finding out if anyone has knowledge of my Great grandfather Frank Bayliss b1885 also known as Francis Gabriel Bayliss and Frank Hughes, and his son Charles Henry Bayliss . I have knowledge of Frank fighting between 1903 to 1908 and Charles fighting 1926 - 1928. Frank fought more professional bouts and even fought in Worcester by a fight promoted by Owen Moran, Charles boxed professionally aswell as in the fair with the Jukes Midgets and Artful Swingler (Charles and these were all from Smethwick). Charles was greatly know for his Coal/Haulage business C H Bayliss & Son based in Oozells Street, where at one point he employed Pat Roach to work on the coal (Mentioned in Pat's book "If").

Frank Bayliss (Birmingham)

Active: 1903-1908

Weight classes fought in: featherweight

Recorded fights: 7 contests (won: 2 lost: 5 drew: 0 other: 0)

Fight Record


Jun 15 Jack Curley WPTS(8) Midlands SC, Birmingham

Source: Manchester Sporting Chronicle


Jan 9 Tom Smith (Birmingham) LPTS(10) Midland Sports Club, Birmingham

Source: Mirror of Life

Feb 10 George Shaylor LRSF6(6) Birmingham

Source: Mirror of Life
Referee: Harry E Cleveland

Mar23 Albert Wallins (Birmingham) LPTS(6) Corn Exchange, Worcester

Source: Sporting Life
Promoter: Owen Moran


Nov1 Tom Edmunds (Birmingham) LKO3(8) Horse Repository, Birmingham

Source: Mirror of Life
Referee: J Frank Bradley


Jun 27 Dick Knock (Stratford) LRTD2(6) Curzon Hall, Birmingham

Source: Sporting Life

Jul 20 Jack Gillard (Birmingham) WPTS(6) Curzon Hall, Birmingham

Source: Sporting Life
Referee: HW Knight

Charlie Bayliss (Smethwick)
Active: 1926-1928
Weight classes fought in: flyweight
Recorded fights: 2 contests (won: 0 lost: 2)
Fight Record
Dec 22 Nigger Mills (Walsall) LPTS(6) Rolfe Street Baths, Smethwick
Source: Boxing 29/12/1926 page 351
May 1 Dan Martin (West Bromwich) Lambeth Market, Smethwick
Source: Boxing 09/05/1928 page 655


Peter Bayliss