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Any ideas about where my Great Garanfather may be buried


knowlegable brummie
My Great Grandfather died in 1898 his address at the time was 2 B/O 238 King Edwards Road which I believe was in the Ladywood area I have tried Key Hill, Warstone Lane, Witton & Lodge Hill (this being where his wife was buried in 1927) but he has not been found at any of these cemetries, I would be grateful of any sugestions. Thanks:stare::confused:


master brummie
Have you tried looking for him on the National Burial Index? It is available on CD and FindMyPast also have it as one of their resources.

Mike Fisher

Billesley Boy
Have you checked the newspapers for an notification of his death, did he die at home or in an infirmary?


master brummie
You could try St Thomas in Bath Row.
It was bombed during the war, so there have been no burials there for many years, but I believe B´ham Archives have either the burial records or the monumental inscriptions.
King Edward Street would almost certainly have been in the parish.


knowlegable brummie
Yes, he died in an accident at work, (Great Tindall Street) I have the croroners report of his inquest & a newspaper cutting

Thanks I will try that


Maybe if you could locate a newspaper obituary most church yards were closed by this time but he could be in a family grave. I had the same problem with my great grandfather Arthur Yates who died in 1899. I eventually found an obituary stating he was buried at Aston Parish Church (St Peter and St Pauls) when I checked the registers at central library I couldn't find him. Another mystery?


knowlegable brummie

Thank you I will give that a try, I do know he wouldn't be in a family grave as he came from Cornwall with his mother & step-father in the 1870's,I have checked in Cornwall on the off chance he may have been taken back there but no


master brummie
Have you checked FMP burial records? If not, can you share his name and someone will look for you:)


Amanda Wright

master brummie
Have you tried Handsworth Cemetery ? Oxhill Lane
my grandmother was from Aston, but after a lot of searching i found her in Handsworth Cem.


Brummie by marriage
Reading back over this thread, does, the newspaper cutting or the coroner's report have a date indicating the date that the inquest was held? A fatal accident at work will almost certainly be reported in the newspaper within a couple of days of it happening. Or, if you already know the date of death (I can't see if you mention the exact date in the above posts), looking in the local papers (both here and where the family originated) in the days following the death could give you a lead.
I think that I'd also look in the announcements in the days following the date of the inquest.


knowlegable brummie
Amanda, Thanks I will try that

leslam I have checked news papers & only found one that reported his death but nothing in the obituaries


gone but not forgotten
hi yes i would agre with amanda , my oldest brother whom died in the thirtys at a early age was buried in handsworth cem;
and he was living with my parents in new cannal street digbeth and he was taken there in the thirtys
and when we was living at 243 ; kingedwards rd ladywood birmingham 18 in 1958 my father was also taken to handsworth cemetry
and burried there so its worth checking with them also as said oxill rd handsworth have rthe recoprds for lodge hill as well so i would say get in touch with handsworth cem, best wishes Astonian;;;;


knowlegable brummie
Have found out that Handsworth Cemetery didn't open until 1909, my Grt Grandfather died in 1898, so he's not there


master brummie
Astonian Handsworth don't have the records for Lodge Hill, Lodge Hill still has its own office. Handsworth has Warstone Lane and Key Hill, as well as their own.

I would be very interested in the outcome of this search, as I cannot find the burial place of my gt grandparents and their son. They died 1919, 1921 and 1930. I have looked for years and found nothing so far. I have not yet tried the creatorium, as I suspect they were too 'old school' to be cremated, but as it opened in 1902 I have to give it a try - eventually.


gone but not forgotten
hi shortie
sorry to hear that you did not get much help from handsworth have you tried st barnabys in erdington
or south yardleys cem ; but i do have to say i am not sure when that one openend up ;
but i cannt help thinking years ago there was one over at little bromwich right up until the forties along with the little bromwich hospital and santoriam
was over that way ; i am trying to think back to the forties when my uncle george died from cancer where they took him ;
bearing in mind all that and them places have disapeared and i ould think may be the central archivesyou may get it from
otherwise you will go back to the libary and see how far back thee news papers go back
it would of course be time consuming i actualy found a index draw in the central libary some year back with a distance cousin
whom died at a very early age in his infantry years it was a single chest of wooden draws and it was kept by the fileing cabinets
which held all the church indexs and he was the only jelf mention for the 1800s early 1900 s and burried in a paupers grave at key hill
but you will find out eventualy where if as when he was burried don;t give up astonian


master brummie
Hi Astonian, well firstly, they lived in Ruston Street, so I doubt they would have gone to Yardley. I am pretty au-fait with where people are buried when they lived in certain districts and have found a lot of burials for various people. I do have access to burial records at times, but won't say more than that. I am very conscious that my family had little money - my gt grandfather was an engine fitter for the Calthorpe Motor Company in the early 1900's but was long retired by the time he died aged 83, and to take them out of the district would have been very expensive. I even tried Uplands at Smethwick, as one of their sons lived there, but no luck. it is really bizarre because by the time they died most of the churches, ie, St Thomas and All Saints were closed to burials. I have been looking for at least five years, on and off, and still no sign of them. I doubt if there would be an obituary, but I will give that a try once I have the time to get into Birmingham. I won't give up, believe me. I looked for five years for my gt grandfather's birth (the same one) as he was called Alfred. Or so he claimed, but he was actually called Theophilus - it took me a long time to work that out, I can tell you.

Thanks for your encouragement, I don't give up, or at least not often!