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A Seventies Childhood.....


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I remember 'tape' recording but what was 'cartridge' recording ? Was this another name for cassettes ? Viv.

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I had a lot of 8 track cartridges and indeed I recently donated quite a number to a charity and I am told they all sold in a short time.


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I had a Grundig tape deck recorder given to me for 21st. birthday. It was useful when I was in the RAF and liked to listen to my choice of music. I recorded quite a few Goon Shows on it.
All disappeared with the passing of time.
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BRMB radio! is that still on? I have a cassette recording from the mid 70's while on vacation in the UK.

Dave A
I've actually found this tape. It's from Aug 1977. I remember it was when Elvis died. I can convert to a digital file if anyone would like a copy, I would be happy to oblige.
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Hi Astonian, by the time I was old enough to go to pubs there wasn't really many bands played at those two pubs, the Kings Head got refurbished around '83/'84 and I tended not to go in the pub itself, but the wine bar at the back called Cheekys. It was all done out in pastel shades and chrome, very '80's but we loved it, the Bear (as we always called it) was very old fashioned to us and I only went in there once, to a 21st party in about 1987.

Funnily enough, we went there just before Christmas to watch West Brom play Chelsea ( yes I'm a Baggie!!) and it has really, really changed, it's lovely in there now.

If we wanted to see live bands, we used to go to the Odeon New St.
I was barman at Cheekys for 3 years. Absolutely loved it there.