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1960s cars


master brummie
I think all cars back then were rot boxes. The Jaguar was only about 12 months old when this picture was taken, so no rot then. In 1976 I lusted after and stupidly bought a 1970 Rover 3500. Apart from appalling reliability and only being a few years old, it suffered with rust issues.
Bought my 1962 FHC in 1968 needed plenty of looking after which I didn’t have the time for so sold it in 1970.

Harry Flashman

master brummie
Yes, the days of tune ups, engine timing lights, distributor caps etc. In those days 40-50,000 miles was a high mileage car. My 14 year old FJ Cruiser has 152,000 miles and runs beautifully.My FJ.jpeg