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10 Years Wow!


master brummie
Six years here which, as will be expected, seems to have flown by far faster than the same period of time I spent in the R.A.F.
I am pretty certain that the avenue that brought me here was Mac Jospephs great 'Old Ladywood' web site.
There is much here to catch the attention of anyone who is interested in historical matters, no matter how recent. (anything post 1970 is recent to me ;)). Unfortunately for me my acquaintance with the city and Midlands in general did go when I moved from Warwickshire to Devon in the mid 1950's. I did spend a while in the Malverns and Herefordshire when in the R.A.F. so I managed to visit the city from time to time. Suburbia seems to have changed very little in many places, there a far more cars and less gardens, but the views of the new city, particularly on the new tram system thread, seems to have altered in many places beyond recognition.

Lady Penelope

master brummie
I always thought it was in Spring Hill, oldMohawk when I went in the 1960's with my little blue legs and boots several sizes too small, borrowed from my friends sister (the boots not the legs). I really loved it.


master brummie
Hi Chris it has been a real pleasure to read your posts, and have the odd drink togeather over the last ten years. Looking forward to the next ten. Rob


master brummie
October 23 2007 according to the records is the time I joined this Forum. Yes, indeed time flies - tempus fugit !


master brummie
Looking at this thread I had a play with the forum Search to find the earliest post ever on the BHF and July 25 2002 is the earliest I've found so far .... can't seem to dig earlier than that date ... :)