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    Beacon Slopes, Sedgley circa 1935

    Hello, I thought you might like to have this photo, it is a postcard that my Dad (Raymond George Kirkwood) had, he said that he used to live just around the corner out of view of this picture.
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    Brookes/Brighton Hotel/The Brighton Balsall Heath

    Thank you Brummy-Lad, yes it does appear that the 8 has disappeared especially when you look at the map which shows the lot numbers. My Dad was a Brummy Lad too. Thanks again and stay safe
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    Brookes/Brighton Hotel/The Brighton Balsall Heath

    Hi Everyone, my grandmother Sarah Alice Hatfield owned a tobacconist and sweets shop at 87 Brighton Road from 1934 to around the late 1940's and the Brighton Hotel was at number 86, does anybody have any pictures please?
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    Parkes And Mainwaring - Printers

    I have a copy of a programme booklet called "Blues News" season 1952-53. It is the official programme of Birmingham City Football Club. It has advertising, league tables, match stories and fixtures and a story on a player by the name of Ken Green. The Blues News was printed by Parkes & Mainwarings.
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    Parkes And Mainwaring - Printers

    My Dad (Raymond George Kirkwood) worked at Parkes & Mainwaring from August 1938 until he went into the RAMC in September 1939. He then went back to work at P & M in Feb 1946 until around Jan 1952.
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    Then & Now

    My Grandmother had a shop at 87 Brighton Road from about 1934 to 1945, I can't make out any street numbers in your photos. Do you know please? Her name was Sarah Alice Hatfield