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  1. paul stacey


    I wonder how many "Old Sweats", know that there is no NAAFI, any more as we would remember it, my son is a Para, and said all food eaten on site now is run by private contractors, very expensive and not good quality and there are no longer any Clubs on camp, Winston Churchill must be doing press...
  2. paul stacey

    Ilmington road school weoley castle

    Just seen this, if you are still about Astonvilla50, I left Ilmo in 1962
  3. paul stacey

    Woodgate valley

    #14, The 3 high rise flats mentioned were at Welches Farm, Quinton, they were built by WATES, construction , 1962/63, my Dad was site Clerk on that job, I went there many times. Paul
  4. paul stacey

    Silversmith- Thomas Henry Manton - James Manton

    my Uncle was a Horace Manton, married to my moms sister, he was a master craftsman, tool maker and turner, I saw the other day a ref to the Manton brothers 18th C, who were gun smiths, I wonder if they ere the same family. Paul
  5. paul stacey

    Ilmington road, Weoley castle

    HI Derek, I am 73 now and left Weoley Castle in 1962, so don't remember too much, I remember the other butcher, but not well I am afraid, I hear the Raven has gone now, I did visit Ilmington back in the early 90's but it was a hole in the ground , only the front railings remained, I suppose it...
  6. paul stacey

    Ilmington road, Weoley castle

    Good Photo's, My sisters went to Princethorpe Road, I went to Our Lady of St Rose Gregory Avenue, we are younger than you. My first job at "Fatty's", on a Saturday Morning after putting out the meat was to take a note to the "Offie", which was at the bottom of the Square facing John Favours...
  7. paul stacey

    Ilmington road, Weoley castle

    I recognised the Gym immediately, I worked for "Fatty Barnfield" the butcher at the top of the square when 14 years old. thanks for posting. Paul
  8. paul stacey


    I remember seeing them in Ireland, Police and some army units had them, pretty useless, as I remember, no good in the Divis Flats, or any high rise, or mountain area's. Paul Ref#249
  9. paul stacey

    Sayings, legends and customs.

    my Nan used to say"stop all that "Ballyhoo", and Dad used to say, (stop that Hub bub), when we kids were making a noise. Paul
  10. paul stacey

    Sayings, legends and customs.

    I must say Maurice I have visited Crete on many occasions and it has NEVER rained, loved the mountains though. Paul
  11. paul stacey

    National Service

    Talking about "Bull", (The Guards Brigade were very hot on this), I think the funnest thing I heard in Basic, was a RHM, a tall lad from Yorkshire called Grey, the morning after a heavy night of Bulling Boots, they paraded , RHM was called he smartly came to and marched to the center of the...
  12. paul stacey

    Midland Counties Dairy

    I would hazard a guess at the 30's or 40's. Paul
  13. paul stacey

    National Service

    mine too , sold mine for £25, when I left, many. many , hours of honing and layering, of Cherry blossom, to achieve, double tap sole, and years of re studding.
  14. paul stacey

    National Service

    Sounds like a "Doddle", Maurice, but you had no option, I was a regular, with family connections with the Guards, so I kind of knew what might happen, still a culture shock though. Paul
  15. paul stacey

    National Service

    We used to run 10 miles down that canal every morning Maurice, I remember those locks to. Paul