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    Happy birthday Jayell !

    Happy Birthday! Have a super day.
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    Happy birthday Mike!
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    Scams: Telephone, email, texts, other 2021

    Good advice. Some of these scam companies have been setting up cloned website to look like the original. It happened to Brewin Dolphin the investment managers. So do check and don’t rush. If it sounds too good to be true it is.
  4. Morturn

    John & Mary Edwards Graves St Philips Church

    Hi Kerry Welcome to Birmingham History forum. There is indeed a St Phillips Churchyard in Birmingham, St Phillips being Birmingham cathedral. Unfortunately6, there are over 80 thousand burials in this churchyard, so unless John Edwards had a significant grave marker or monument, its unlikely...
  5. Morturn

    Any 1950's colour images of the junc. Navigation Street, Hill Street and John Bright St?

    Sounds like an interesting project, maybe you can post a few phots of your work as it progresses. There are most certainly a lot of members here who will be able to help with their memories of he area too.
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    Film cameras

    Have a go at developing and printing your own black and white. It’s a lot of fun and you have more control over the end result. I used to do lots of it.
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    Birmingham tower blocks 1950s/60s/70s still here today

    Druids Heath is certainly worth a look at. The estate became a Tennant Management Organisation (TMO) in the 90’s, but never attracted the funding that Castle Vale, Bloomsbury or Lee Bank were given. Consequently, very little regeneration took place. Certainty worth a look at the Large Panel...
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    Birmingham tower blocks 1950s/60s/70s still here today

    Queens Tower, South Tower, High Tower and Home Tower have undergone three significant modernisation programmes. One in the late 80’s to remove the district heating system in Queens Tower and install individual gas boilers in each dwelling. PVCu windows were also fitted. The second started in...
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    Birmingham tower blocks 1950s/60s/70s still here today

    I have been a lifetime lover of social housing. Living and working in Birmingham I have seen significant changes in social housing. If you have specific questions about particular tower blocks or estates, then ask here. If you want a generic overview, then this site is excellent. The author...
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    Hi Andrew, welcome to Birmingaham History Forum. Thank you too for post. We strongly advise members not to post their personal email addresses on the thread. Your email address and data could be harvested and used for scams, fraud, and identity theft. If you wish other members to contact you...
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    It’s Key Hill Brian’s birthday !

    Happy Birthday Brian.
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    A change in the building regulations quite a few years ago meant that each dwelling had to have a soil and vent pipe, so the stench poles were made redundant.
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    The Longboat, Cambrian Wharf

    I nipped inot town today on my bike and the Flapper is still there
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    A stench pole as we called them