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Recent content by Morturn

  1. Morturn

    tidy up please

    There you go lyn, hope thats ok?
  2. Morturn

    What do you watch on tv nowadays ?

    Yes, I thought Carry on Columbus was a bit cobbled together too. Was it the last one they made?
  3. Morturn

    What do you watch on tv nowadays ?

    Ok folks, while we do care about animal welfare, there are other more appropriate platforms on the internet to voice your concerns. Thread now open.
  4. Morturn

    What do you watch on tv nowadays ?

    Yes, my favourite carry on film too
  5. Morturn

    Sweets We Used To Have

    Done that, bought the tee shirt. All up the side of my face lol
  6. Morturn

    Childhood Memories

    I recall most of the prefabs had a small shed/coal bunker made of corrugated iron like yours. The council supplied one like this
  7. Morturn

    Pavements and walkways

    That’s is a stiff penalty. I wonder where this happened and was it general law or a local by-law.
  8. Morturn

    Street furniture

    Nice find Viv. I am thinking that Scavengers may be what we now call recycling? I know the younger generation think they invented recycling, but the Victorians went on to develop it to a fine art.
  9. Morturn

    Childhood Memories

    Birmingham Council used to supply concrete sectional coal bunker for the tenants. Our coal bunker was a homemade job using Anderson shelter corrugated iron sheets.
  10. Morturn

    Childhood Memories

    Interesting find Lyn. I have heard stories of ex-servicemen bringing back captured firearms. A chap I worked with said he bought back a German Luger
  11. Morturn

    Cork Tip Cigarettes

    Just thinking about smoking fags with filters, A lot of people got burnt when smoking in bed, when the hot end would fall off the filter and set the bed alight. I am sure a few house fires were caused when the end of the fag dropped down the side of the cushion on the settee Funny when I think...
  12. Morturn

    Cork Tip Cigarettes

    We this for me has been interesting. Looking further it seems that cigarettes filters were originally made of cork, wrapped around the outside of the cigarette; cork tipped, and used to prevent tobacco flakes from getting on the smoker's tongue. Many are still patterned to look like cork. Craven...
  13. Morturn

    Cork Tip Cigarettes

    Thanks Eric, that may explain it.
  14. Morturn

    aberdeen street winson green

    Super photos, thank you
  15. Morturn

    Cork Tip Cigarettes

    Yes, I remember when you pulled the tip apart, it was made form crêpe paper rolled up. Once I started work, I did move up a division to Park Drive plain. They used to stick to your lip in the cold weather.