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Recent content by Gerry Cannell

  1. Gerry Cannell

    Midland Red Bus Routes

    I don't even know where the garages are these days mate. Back in my day, we had Sutton & Lichfield depots (Lichfield depot can still be seen, but is a council yard) Tamworth of course. The WMPTE depots that I visited were Miller Street, Newtown, and Perry Barr,
  2. Gerry Cannell

    Birmingham buses

    Thanks. Just what Showmen did with the old buses, bought them cheap, and used them for sleeping in AND as power for lights and rides. If only they had been kept.....progress eh!
  3. Gerry Cannell

    Crossroads programme

    Just in case you didn't know, Jane is suffering from Dementia, and is quite frail these days. I see her quite regularly, and we speak, but she is not very well bless her. Thanks. Gerry
  4. Gerry Cannell

    St Margarets Hospital - Great Barr

    I went to Beeches Road school, and have mentioned this before. I recall the murder, and as we were not far from the Asylum, we had to hurry straight home after the school closed for the day.
  5. Gerry Cannell

    Lewis's Department Store

    The ROOF TOP ZOO was a favourite in the fifties for us kids.
  6. Gerry Cannell

    Teddy Sandfords cafe smethwick

    Both my Dad and my son, had trials for The Baggies. My dad, was Harry Taylor, and he played for HANDSWORTH WEDNESDAY, and that is where he was spotted for a tr-out with them. Sadly the war interveened. My son Mark was playing for LUCAS FC and had a trial at Spring Road, under Roy Horobin, sadly...
  7. Gerry Cannell

    Teddy Sandfords cafe smethwick

    Thanks Lloyd. Brilliant!
  8. Gerry Cannell

    Lewis's Department Store

    A Bradfords Bread delivery fpr someone, in a Commer Van. Happy bygone times.
  9. Gerry Cannell

    Car Parade in New Street

    The run that started it all, was organized by Martin Hone. Here is the advert for it.
  10. Gerry Cannell

    Coldstream Guards

    The dreaded JAN HOOPER: Here he is again, with the young 'uns at Pirbright, where he was I/c Juniors.
  11. Gerry Cannell

    Coldstream Guards

    Believe me, that IS Jan Hooper. I will never forget him.
  12. Gerry Cannell

    Coldstream Guards

    Bob, this is in answer to your message regarding your Grandad. The best place to start will be: REGIMENTAL HQ. COLDSTREAM GUARDS, WELLINGTON BARRACKS, BIRDCAGE WALK, LONDON. That will get the ball rolling. If after a week or two, you haven't had a reply, please contact me again, and I will do...
  13. Gerry Cannell

    fish and chip shops

    Back then, they didn't fry in oil (it hadn't been created) it was usually dripping, and that has always given a bag of chips THAT SPECIAL flavour. Of course it was bad for us, according to the modern way of Healthy eating....I am 82, still here, and still would love a bag cooked in dripping!
  14. Gerry Cannell

    Midland Red Bus Routes

    The X99, was operated by Tamworth garage. I do not remember it running through Sutton, I think it ran Birmingham/Tamworth/Ashby/Nottingham.
  15. Gerry Cannell

    Midland Red Bus Routes

    Hi, Gerry here. Just a few points. As I said I worked all of the above EXCEPT the Cannock service, that you have as a 104. This was not worked by me during my first job at Sutton, 1957 to 1959. The other service that I did work was the 119, Birmingham, Perry Barr, Great Barr (Scott Arms) and the...