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Recent content by Eddyjayauk

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    John Rabone & Sons of Hockley rulers tapes and tools

    Hi all, my late brother Ron Jones worked at Rabones as an electrical fitter in the mid 50s he often spoke about his time there, he emigrated to Australia in the 60s,and would always remember with great affection some of the people he new and worked with at Rabones, as they say you can take the...
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    Park Road Hockley

    Hi, my name is Ted Jones,i came out of Park Rd Hockley, i had a good friend named David Harris he lived just past Goode St, on the right hand side of Park Rd going up the hill, i dont recall him having any brothers or sisters though, his dad was in the Royal Navy, it would have been 1950/52 i...
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    Not Forgotten. By Neil Oliver.

    A very interesting book, mainly dealing with the 1st world war, the impact that had on so many familys, interjects with many unknown facts, well worth a read.
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    Rabones, manufacturers, Hockley, Birmingham.

    Hi all, my late brother Ronald Jones recently passed away in Australia, he worked at Rabones in Hockley in the mid 50s, he was a fitter/maintenance guy, he had lived in Australia for 52yrs but would always remain a proud Brummie, very often he would remark about his job at Rabones, and the...
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    Birmingham Gas

    Hi all, I have a lamp post similar to the one shown, I purchased it from the Bham city highways Dept 35yrs ago, I converted it to Electric light and it now stands in my front garden, I had to remake the lantern head as it was missing. Regards Eddyjay.
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    Dollman family Birmingham

    When I worked at Harrisons in Bradford St, in the toolroom, in the 60s there was a Roy Dolman worked there, I believe he was a twin, he lived at Kings Heath, Regards Eddyjay.
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    Kane family!

    I wonder if this family were related to a guy we knew in Park Rd Hockley, his name was Eddie Kane,this would of been in the 1940s. my brother in Australia would love to know if he is still around.Regards Eddyjay.
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    The Nipper. By Charlie Mitchell.

    Again another good read from my local Charity shop, a little lads story of his violent childhood in Dundee during the eighties, his father would regularly beat him senseless, for no good reason other than he could, a chilling reminder of the kind of scum that is always around.
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    The Gun Gallery In Frederick Street. Hockley.

    Hi all, as a kid from Hockley in the fifties, I used to love going to see this wonderfull collection of guns at what we called the Gun Gallery in I believe Frederick Street Hockley, what happened to this place? I no longer live in Birmingham but would really like to know whether it exists...
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    The Forgotten Dead. By Ken Small.

    Hi all, I first read this book years ago, my daughter recently bought me another copy, it tells the story of the author uncovering the hidden details of the tragedy which occurred prior to the Normandy landings,and involved mainly American troops. An excellent read.
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    Birmingham's Button Industry and Factories

    Hi all, I worked at Buttons in warstone lane in the sixtys,as a young toolmaker it was a real eyeopener to see and use tools that were made in Victorian times, wonderfull engraving on button tools all done by hand, the combination tools which blanked/raised and pierced in one operation were...
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    Abbey St, Hockley, Strawbridge Blacksmiths Family History Wanted For Kathryn Strawbridge

    Hi all, I well remember a blacksmith called Arnold,i think that was his first name, he shoed large dray type horses his workshop backed on to I think the railway line, at the top end of Abbey St, relatives of mine had a polishing shop at the back end of his Smithy, I have seen those horses kick...
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    Any Free Way Of Tracing Family

    Hi all, I have tried several so called free sites, but inevitably you are required to pay, please help if you can, Many thanks Eddyjay.
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    The Forgotten Highlander. By Alistair Urquhart.

    It beggars belief what some of those guys went thru at the hands of the Japanese in the last war, and worse still the treatment they got from the British government on returning home.
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    Unable To Login To Acess My Emails.

    Hi all, really getting desperate trying to enter my password, it will not allow me into my yahoo page, I have tried several times changing passwords as it advises, but no luck, any advice or help please. Regards Eddyjay.