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Recent content by deb kiely

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    The Custard House Blake St

    I posted about my ancestor Thomas Tonks of green lanes before this bit is about his daughter Emma she married Thomas Woodcock 1862 his occupation was engraver but his father was William Woodcock licensed victualler blake lane i hope he was the one to do with the custard house.it only says blake...
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    Lichfield Road Aston

    doctor gould was our doctor from about 1965/66 until 1974/75 he didn't suffer fools gladly but he looked after me very well with my osteomyelitis we knew he was getting on in years but could never work out his age.
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    Hollick Ada

    Re: Ada Hollick hi all.cant be much help regarding ada but i know she was down as a witness at the marriage of my nan florence tonks this was december 1925.i know there has been no recent activity but just in case someone drops by thought i would leave a message.
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    The Custard House Blake St

    i have just come across this thread.i have been looking into family history and found a copy of a lease agreement from mary haden spinster to john tonks farmer of a  messuage and land called the custard house farm near a place called the green lanes dated 24th september 1789,the tonks...
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    Lichfield Road Aston

    hi Rod. judy was only a smallish mongrel dog she is the one he had with him mostly.he was a tall thin man, he also liked his barley wine. all the best Deb.
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    Lichfield Road Aston

    hi all, just heard it's the 40th anniversary of spagetti this took me back as my late father was one of the men who worked on its construction,his name was john kiely but known as tip as he came from tipperary he was a regular in the vine and most pubs in aston he used to take our dog judy...
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    St Gerards Hospital, Coleshill

    hi ann there was one girl her name may have been fiona she was very thin and very weak but always cheerfull she spent all of her childhood there.one thing makes me smile the tv news said someone escaped from somewhere close by anyway it was a very stormy night and the patio doors flew open and...
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    St Gerards Hospital, Coleshill

    hi ann i do remember having the cut out dolls but not the nuns name,my bed was in front of the patio doors my memory is hazy but i think there was a piano by my bed.
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    Penfold Golf ball factory. Bromford Lane

    my late mom worked there way back in the fifties her name was dorothy maiden name jackson. she came from st'margarets road.it did have the golf balls at the main entrance.
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    Lichfield Road Aston

    it's amaz ing how the memories come flooding back,i remember being stroppy with my late mom as she made me go shopping along lichfield road,i was stamping and sulking so she warned and warned but i didn't listen next minute my cheek stung,it wasn't the slap that upset me it was the fact the...
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    Lovers Lane Aston

    i remember the butchers and the poor pigs.i used to go shopping with my mom and when the blokes were dropping the pigs off i would be getting upset cuz even as a kid i knew what it meant.i lived in vine street and can still see the salvation army marching along.there were two elderly sisters in...
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    Cromwell Street School Nechells

    wish i could say i had happy memories of cromwell st 1966/71 but i had to spend a lot of time in hospital and was bullied because of this.
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    Vine Street Aston

    hi all just came accross this post. i lived in vine street from 1966 to about 1974 mrs teale lived there then dont know if its same family,she let us use her garden so i could have my photo taken with my new baby brother1969 she had grass in her yard so she was posh lol.she was lovely,she also...
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    Pardoe Family - Ward End Birmingham

    hi all. hearing the name pardoe got me thinking of my late mom,she was born in 1926 and grew up in st'margarets road she used to talk about pardoes yard.my moms name was dorothy jackson her mom was florence her dad was mark.they lived at 41 opposite the church,she also had a brother named mark...
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    St Gerards Hospital, Coleshill

    thanks for reply sue. i would like to see whats happened to the old place.and it would be nice to meet up. deb.