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    I'm sure it was Nicol. But that would have been her married name of course and Maurice's article tells us that it was formerly Venville. Chris
  2. ChrisM

    ADVICE : Please Thank Those Helping You

    I agree with your comments, Alberta. There are members of the Forum who never cease to amaze me with their knowledge, their ability to use (often expensive) family history resources and their generosity in spending time in digging out and sharing invaluable information. I think there's a...
  3. ChrisM

    My Dad - Keith Samuel Williams

    Welcome to the Forum, Ade, and I hope you can find what you are seeking. There are a lot of mentions of Lucas within the Forum, in this section and elsewhere, and it may be worthwhile exploring them, if you haven't done so already. Use the Forum Search function, top right hand corner. Chris
  4. ChrisM

    First Peddle Car - First Pedal Car

    I would think at that time, every small boy's dream would have been to have the jeep version, Mike. More realistic than some of the others, for starters. Chris
  5. ChrisM

    First Peddle Car - First Pedal Car

    Two and a half generations-worth of pedal car for the price of one...... My elder sister, Rhyl, 1931, very probably in a rental car. (Much older brother in background with a speedier mode of transport). And again, same moment. It's a Triang car, possibly based - very loosely indeed! - on a...
  6. ChrisM

    Snook family

    Thanks very much, Mike. This suggests that the firm got back on to its feet after the disastrous fire and continued to trade at least up to or around George Snook's death in 1923. And then disappeared at some stage in the 1920s. How interesting it would be to know the range of products...
  7. ChrisM

    Snook family

    Thank you for that, Cath. Astonishing. It would be interesting to know whether that was the end of the business and if not, whether it was possible to refurbish the old premises. The answer to that possibly lies in the later history of the Snook sons and daughter. Or perhaps subsequent trade...
  8. ChrisM

    Snook family

    Just a few fragments of Snook/Tovey family information, of possible interest to any member descended from George Snook and Elizabeth Tovey who might look at this thread now or in the future. GEORGE and ELIZABETH SNOOK I've looked everywhere for further images of George and Elizabeth, beyond...
  9. ChrisM

    Wylde Green School, Green Lanes School

    Welcome to the Forum, Greg69/70. You have successfully quoted the previous message to which you wanted to refer, but your own comments don’t seem to have come through. Could you have another go, please? Chris
  10. ChrisM

    Can anyone identify these uniforms

    Can you tell anything us about the life of this unfortunate young man, William? Chris
  11. ChrisM

    Can anyone identify these uniforms

    Nice picture. Am pretty sure they are both RAF. The right hand man's shoulder - or at least his clothing - is slightly skewed which has distorted the eagle.. Two RAF aircraftmen, just ACs, certainly not aircrew, but there's no indication of their trade - mechanics, clerks, could be almost...
  12. ChrisM

    WW2 Perry Barr Bombing Spring 1941

    Doris - Whilst we live in hope, it looks as though David Stratford Smith is no longer a member of the Forum and so I'm afraid it's probable that he won't see your reply. (Don't think I ever heard from him in 2009). As far as your husband's quest is concerned, I suggest three things: - rake...
  13. ChrisM

    Snook family

    Thanks for that, Andrew. There are so many possiblies and probablies in all this! George, the youngest son, certainly looks the most likely. As I've said before, the inclusion in the photograph of a non-family member, on holiday with George and Elizabeth, is a bit unlikely. Do you think that...
  14. ChrisM

    Snook family

    I'm fairly sure this is George and Elizabeth, again. A not very good photo but remarkable for its time - it's taken indoors. No flash then, or at least, not for amateur photographers. I think the bright lights are reflections of the main source of light, a central gas mantle or mantles - via a...
  15. ChrisM

    Midlands Electricity Board MEB

    Any chance of your posting the list, John? I’m sure some members would be interested. Chris