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    Lewis & Randall Ltd - Architectural and Industrial Photographers - 200 Stratford Road, Birmingham.

    In the book 'Birmingham on old postcards' by John Marks, there is a profile of Thomas Lewis on page 64. Most of the information you may already know. I have included the scanned page (64) for your perusal.
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    Canals of Birmingham

    Great set of pics. Thanks for showing them.
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    Thomas Elvins New Street Birmingham 1781

    http://calmview.birmingham.gov.uk/CalmView/Record.aspx?src=CalmView.Catalog&id=LS+10%2FE%2F262 Here's a link showing buildings constructed by 'T. Elvins'.
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    Petrol pumps & filling stations of the past

    Great pic, great car. What was 'I C A' petrol additive?
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    Petrol pumps & filling stations of the past

    What a wonderful picture. Fantastic range of petrol. Who remembers '101'? Any ideas where this was? Thanks for posting it.
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    Petrol pumps & filling stations of the past

    Great picture. Thanks for posting.
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    Petrol pumps & filling stations of the past

    A really fabulous picture of Aston Brook Garage situated on the corner of Aston Road North and Powell St. The picture shows a group of motorcyclists from the Moss Gear company around 1925. I bet it's a Sunday morning and they are all off for a ride down to the Cotswolds or similar.
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    Hybrid & electric cars

    We survived but 100,000s if not millions didn't
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    Hybrid & electric cars

    A 62kw is on my radar for next year.
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    Hybrid & electric cars

    The Leaf has heated seats and steering wheel plus the usual cabin heater. The car/cabin heater works almost as soon as the ignition is turned on. The heater is a refrigerator in reverse ( a heat pump). If it is freezing cold, with the heater and lights on I would loose about 20% of battery...
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    Hybrid & electric cars

    I am on my second Nissan Leaf (100% electric). I will be exchanging my present Leaf for my third 'all electric' vehicle in March 2022. Would I replace it with a petrol/diesel engine vehicle? NO. I wouldn't say that 100% electric vehicles are going to be the saviour of the world as we keep being...
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    FLIGHT's Coaches

    Flights had a car showroom on Victoria road opposite Berners street. The were a very early Toyota agents.
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    Gas Street basin

    Fabulous pic, thanks Steve. I like the telegraph pole on the island. The towpath on the left looks rather narrow.
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    Metro progress 2021

    I think complaints have been received about the loud screeching that takes place on sections of the track. To improve the passenger experience (no screeching) sections of the track are being replaced. Pinfold st is particularly bad for wheel screeches. Perhaps an alternative rail with a...