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Recent content by Bob Johnson

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    Rover Sd1

    Start the book now. Always interesting to read of people's work lives.
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    Smithfield Garage

    Sorry, I don't. I remember a Tony and an Alan who were in the stores.
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    Symbol on Ordnance Survey Maps

    I knew the mystery had been resolved but I would still like to see the original question paper.
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    Symbol on Ordnance Survey Maps

    Is it possible that both you and your son have misinterpreted the information on the sheet? Is it possible to see a copy of the question paper?
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    prescott st..all saints

    What a fantastic set of pictures. Revived lots of memories for me. Thanks for showing them.
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    Bread Vehicles

    Thanks for that John. two interesting articles there. I didn't know that Garretts were involved in electric vehicle manufacture. Thanks once again.
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    Bread Vehicles

    Interesting vehicle. I think these were electric vehicles (battery driven). Were these vans made by the same company that made the battery driven 'dustcarts' that Birmingham used in the fifties. I like the colour scheme. I am too young to remember these being used. I presume this van was used by...
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    prescott st..all saints

    Yes. Start a new thread.
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    The first picture 'Security Scaffolds' I would suggest is Spring Hill. George st west is behind the photographer and Steward st can be seen at the end of the shops to the right.
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    Motorcycle firm of Aston

    Norton were in Bracebridge st, Aston.
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    Is This Your Motor?

    1963. Austin 1100. Hired from H. J. EVANS on Bristol St. Now, where have you been? I will send you my email address via the link.
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    Is This Your Motor?

    I still have my BSW tools that I bought in 1964 and the A/F tools I purchased in 1965 and the Metric set I purchased in 1966. Fortunately I own a few motorcycles from 1964 to 2017 so the tools still get used.
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    French Walls, Smethwick

    Yes Muntz st is named after him. Muntz metal was used to line the hulls of sailing ships. The Cutty Sark was lined with Muntz metal. If you visit the Cutty Sark in London, it is possible to walk underneath the ship to examine the Muntz metal. Muntz lived in Umberslade Hall.
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    French Walls, Smethwick

    https://www.gracesguide.co.uk/French_Wall%27s This should tell you all you need to know. Enjoy Click on the link above and it will take you to Grace's Guide,
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    Another old brum car dealer - any info?

    I only knew of 'Hangers in that location who were Ford dealers. I worked at the Bristol Street Motors car storage depot which was in the 'Old Soap Work's at Foundry lane Smethwick/ Winson Green.