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  1. A Sparks

    Manufacture of manillas

    The word manillas on this thread rang a bell with me and then I remembered I had seen one on display earlier this year as part of an exhibition project (quite complicated to explain) to do with British involvement in the slave trade. The exhibition leaflet states they were brass manillas...
  2. A Sparks


    Super photos - thanks! We had our school sports day at Salford Stadium one year.
  3. A Sparks

    Spencer Davis (17 July 1939 – 19 October 2020) dies aged 81

    I think the place where they first played together was the Golden Eagle in Hill Street.
  4. A Sparks

    Spencer Davis (17 July 1939 – 19 October 2020) dies aged 81

    Nice tribute from Steve Winwood on his FB page. Statement on the passing of Spencer Davis: “I’ve known Spencer since I was about 13–he would have been about 22. I was playing a show at Birmingham University with my brother and his band. Spencer, who was a student at Birmingham, was playing with...
  5. A Sparks

    Spencer Davis (17 July 1939 – 19 October 2020) dies aged 81

    Yes, you're right about it making you realise your own age! I guess it's because Steve Winwood is maybe eight or nine years younger that I forgot.
  6. A Sparks

    Spencer Davis (17 July 1939 – 19 October 2020) dies aged 81

    Oh no, really gutted to hear that :confused: I must say I hadn't realised he was that age. One of my favourite bands from that era, I have their first two LPs, some great music tracks. RIP Spencer.
  7. A Sparks

    Marsh Hill Boys Grammar Tech School

    Yes thank you! I was at the girl's school and i think you must have been the same school year as me. We didn't really mix with the boy's school very much but I remember a few of the names. Some of the pupils got together for the end of term stage show, my friend and I did the make up one year...
  8. A Sparks

    Norman Haines

    Glad you have enjoyed reading the website pages! No, I didn't know any of the members of Frosty Moses and I can't remember if I ever saw them play live but I certainly remember the band's name. I did see the Locomotive play a few times, they were one of Jim Simpson's Big Bear bands and they...
  9. A Sparks

    Norman Haines

    I've just thought of another website you might like - there is a page for both those bands if you look down the main index http://www.brumbeat.net
  10. A Sparks

    Norman Haines

    You are very welcome Ole :) There is a page on Frosty Moses too https://www.birminghammusicarchive.com/frosty-moses/
  11. A Sparks

    Norman Haines

    I remember Norman Haines when he was in the Locomotive and I think he had his own band afterwards. I don't live in Birmingham now and I have no idea where he went from there! You would probably be better to post your enquiry with the Birmingham Music Archive, they have a website and a page on...
  12. A Sparks

    Where is it, outside Birmingham #9

    Could it be New Place in Stratford - the garden on which Shakespeare's old house once was? It's on Chapel Lane so I guess there must have been a church nearby?
  13. A Sparks

    Final resting places of the famous in Birmingham

    Gosh, I didn't know some of those people were buried in Birmingham. Inigo Jones in Witton and Arthur Lowe in Sutton - that's a surprise!
  14. A Sparks

    Tupper and Co, Galvanised Iron Makers, Berkley Street

    Yes, did you see the bit about the branch in Bilston being fined £1 for not having a steam pressure gauge on a boiler?!
  15. A Sparks

    Tupper and Co, Galvanised Iron Makers, Berkley Street

    I have just found out about this company with a connection to Birmingham by chance when I was looking for some information about a tin church in the London Borough of Hackney where I live. The church was constructed in 1858 from corrugated iron and is still standing! The company, Tupper and Co...