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Recent content by A Sparks

  1. A Sparks

    Marsh Hill Girls Grammar Tech School

    Yes, I remember that! Like you, I got wise and removed mine too.
  2. A Sparks

    Historical vintage clothing you still own

    That's the sort of thing my Dad would have said!
  3. A Sparks

    Historical vintage clothing you still own

    Sadly not - I did have some clothes from Bus Stop once. What I do still have is my Brownie Uniform!
  4. A Sparks

    Women’s Timber Corps “Lumber Jills”

    My mother was in the Land Army and only wore a thick jumper, definitely no jacket or hat.
  5. A Sparks

    Black Country Museum

    Great pictures!
  6. A Sparks

    Peaky Blinders - A world away from Downton!

    There's going to be a musical! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-birmingham-60031728
  7. A Sparks

    Peaky Blinders has made us cool

    Brummies have always been cool :cool: it's only recently that other people have realised ;):blush:
  8. A Sparks

    Kung fu film scene in Birmingham - Does anyone remember these?

    No, I'm afraid not - I would have probably enjoyed it though, I like a bit of Kung Fu! I wonder if the showings at the Balsall Heath Road might have been for the benefit of the Chinese community, seeing as there is Chinese writing on the poster?
  9. A Sparks


    Happy Birthday! :grinning: Hope you're keeping well.
  10. A Sparks

    NewStreet Birmingham

    By chance, I have just found an actual photograph of Hyams in New Street, they were also in Oxford Street, London, Leeds and Wolverhampton. ....an advert here...
  11. A Sparks

    Soho Road Handsworth

    Sorry to hear about your friend.
  12. A Sparks

    Tower blocks Perry Barr demolition.

    I remember the tower block flats, there is another thread on Birchfield Road and I see that one of our members @Banjo once lived at 28 Birchfield Road - perhaps he can help?
  13. A Sparks

    Home Guard Motor Patrol Boat Ladywood

    I can't imagine they ever got to use those guns on the canal! I would guess, at most, the men would be more useful for fire watching, looking out for any incendiary devices falling at the back of factories.
  14. A Sparks

    Birmingham Cinemas

    The Electric Cinema is opening again on January 21st :) https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-59936239
  15. A Sparks

    Moving away but always a Brummie

    I've lived in London for 23 years and agree with Brumrocks, you don't hear a West Midlands accent very often. I was sitting outside with a coffee at a local city farm not long ago and happened to ask a guy, who I assumed was staff, a question about what some people were doing. After he'd told...