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Zildjian Cymbals & member: Norfolk Brummie


master brummie
I watched an American auction hunters show last night & the guys came across a Zildjian Cymbal who the late Norfolk Brummie (Eddie ) used to work for. That brass cymbal was valued at $1900. Not bad for a piece of brass! Eddie was a real nice guy with lots of interesting tales of his travels & people he met. Miss him.


OldBrit in Exile
Eddie or TED as I knew him had a fantastic memory the stories he could tell. I only knew him for a short time we worked together at a commercial artist business doing silk screen printing and art work became good friends and was the drummer in the band that I had in Yardley for few years. We had some grand times in the band played all over Brum packed them in every night. We only played dance music, nothing in the way of Jazz, but with TED banging out the beat how could we go wrong. Colin Willetts our Pianist, also went on to be quite good and before he passed away he did record a few things. I left Brum to go the USA to try get into the big band Business, Ted Haynes me and the band 001.jpg but of course I was nowhere near the high standards they had, Happy days with EDDIE (TED) he was always a lot of fun, glad I got to meet him again before he passed on. a great loss to all. Photo taken 1955 or so, note the name on the drums TED HAYNES