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You, The Woman

  • Thread starter Robert Harrison
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Robert Harrison

Of all the times I have seen you
Of all the days I have yearned
Of all the anguish I have been through
I find that I have not yet learned
That you are a woman

A woman of independent thought and desire
A woman of beauty unsurpassed by men
A woman with intelligence that will never expire
I find that I have not learned
That you are a woman

What fools men are who sit and dream
What fools men are who crave attention
What fools men are who prattle and preen
Not one has learned
That you are a woman

You the teacher of the families
You the homemaker of the homes
You the heart of all our sanctuaries
You the comforter easing all mens moans
You the understander of the misunderstanding
You the healer of all our pains
You the woman ever left standing
As we men occupy all the seats on all of lifes trains.


gone but not forgotten
yes ,yes , rob , i really like it very much as well
it also says , how us men take women for granted , unintentionaly ,
and i thought it was abit sexiest towards women in general ,
But i still enjoyed reading it ,
best wishes , astonian ,;;;;