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Yardley Wood Bus Garage 80th Birthday


master brummie
The garage looks far bigger than I remember it !
I wonder if the full-length mirror, that used to be on the wall near the first door, is still there ? It was a relic from a byegone age, when staff were required to be smart. Painted on the glass was -"Hat on straight ?" "Straps polished ? "Trousers pressed?" "Shoes shiny ?" Image that nowadays !


Staff member
thanks for the photos horsencart..so good to see the bus garage still open for business:)



ell brown on Flickr
I popped a long for a bit, then had a look at some of the buses going around the route between Yardley Wood, Maypole and Kings Heath.

Wolverhampton Garage at the Warstock Road island in Yardley Wood. In green livery.

Timesaver on the Alcester Road South in Kings Heath.

JOJ 222 on the same road a few minutes later. Those views taken from the no 50.