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WWII Uniform and Rank

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master brummie
this pic was supposed to be 1955, the lanyard is on the left. i still am no wiser as to when it changed sides.
Regiments often wore their own lanyards, they were a variety of colours and sometimes worn on the left shoulder and sometimes on the right, depending on tradition.
This picture is of an actor wearing the uniform of the RAF, in a comedy show called "Get Some In !"

Lady Penelope

master brummie
Thanks, you all for your replies.

I am absolutely certain that this is WWII, he was born in 1927, so was 18 in 1946. I also know his period of active serve in WWII was a few months.

He did speak about being the Royal Artillery and talked about the 25 pounders, which he fired.

He also made several parachute jumps.

I know he was also involved with horses so am wondering if he was a member of the Horse Grenadiers at some stage.

Interesting how there is never a definitive answer even in family history. He came back from the war quite damaged in my opinion. He was also quite bitter the way other British soldiers were treated by the army and government, as he said life was cheap. Whatever he witnessed in the war certainly had an adverse impact on him and left him with a past he did not want. His experiences most certainly had an impact on his life going forward, he never became the person he wanted to be.

This did have a significant effect on his marriage and family life. He put up this great big barrier that stopped us loving him as a farther, the way he should have been loved. I thought I knew his well, but all I ever got to know was the adverse defensive side of him that he bought back form the war.

After all these years, I can now let go of this past and would love to get to know him and understand his life.
Morturn, how sad your post made me when I read it. You could have been writing about both my father-in-law and own father. My husband's father was captured at Anzio and spent his 21st birthday in a POW camp. A changed young man when he came home. My own father was on the North Atlantic Convoys and never really spoke about that time. Both suffered from depression in later years which certainly affected both families.


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