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WW2 Service Records

terry carter

Birmingham Pals
A pal at work would like to find out about his late grandfathers service during WW2. Can someone let me know who to contact regarding this please. Is there an official department which you have to write to?




Army Records
Ministry of Defence
Bourne Avenue
I doubt if you will get his service record but next of kin can get Medal records or POW check
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I have just discovered that my uncle Jim( after whom I was named ) was killed or missing in action during the Second World War at a place called Caen ( hope spelling is right ). Aparently his last words were " well lads, this is IT, **it or bust " I have a medal but there is no name on it or any other reference.I also have a German bank note with loads of signatures on it.

The only information I have is

James Probert from glamorgan.


United Kingdom
Royal Artillery
Unit Text:
495 Bty., 135 H.A.A. Regt.
Date of Death:
Service No:
Additional information:
Husband of Blanche Probert, of Bilston.
Casualty Type:
Commonwealth War Dead
Grave/Memorial Reference:
Sec. G.B. New Part. Grave 4897. 11.

the only other one Jim is Buried at Rhodes War Cemetery age 29 and was in the Army catering Corps died 18-09-43​


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Thanks Graham , but I know that he wasn't married and had never left Glamorgan before joining up.
I wish I had listened more when my Mom told me about him. :(


Thanks for the information on this thread I now have an address to write to! My great Uncle Edward Richard Bennett (often known as Richard) died c 1943 on a Japanese POW ship which was supposedly torpedoed by the USA Naval fleet.

This is the story I have been handed down - then I speak to my father's cousin after the death of my grandfather and she tells me that it was not the case and he really was beheaded by the Japanese but the rest of the family kept it from his siblings!

Now I would love to sort this out but am not next of kin and he is not on the CWGC. Plus my father was really upset about the second story!

What would you suggest would be the best way to find out about this? I know he was in the army but not which regiment - he has a son but have been unable to track him down !

Sorry to babble on and know I haven't much info to go on but hope you can help!



The buck stops here
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Rich Payne

Hello Postie,

Glad that you found it anyway.

You'd be surprised just how many faults there are in the CWGC database, sometimes as a result of incorrect paper records but mostly just due to the sheer scale of the computerisation operation.

I've often found it necessary to think more than a bit laterally to find something that I know should be there.

There is now a far more effective (non official) search engine available which makes things easier.


You might find the ww2talk forum useful if you want to research his military history further. Plenty of people there with copies of official war diaries etc.



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My husband has asked me to try and find his fathers WW2 war service records. We have no information at all apart that he was in the army may have been a catering service. Is it possible to get records with out service numbers and ranks.? Thank you


knowlegable brummie
this information is fantastic, i have been trying to locate information on my grandad who served in world war 2 but regardless of how many sites i have joined and paid for i cant find anything. i have just sent off a cheque to the mod for £30 to see what they come up with.

his nme was frederic thomas parfitt, born 17/11/1918 - lets hope they can tell me something


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h,forum..my grandfather Spent 17,years in one Regiment,[DOCL]..I Made Contact with the Headquarters,who had No Record..Can i Please,put up my Dear,Grandfathers Name & See if you Folks Can Find Any info,plz.. he inlisted in 1928,to 1946..his Name was Given in As Jack Preen..Later in 1940..his True Name was John Edward Newman..on the Day he Married..is it possible for Search,Please...Many Thanks..ps..GF,Regiment was..The Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry 2nd Battalion..Regards..Christy


Is it possible to get a soldiers medals when his army no. is missing. I am looking for George Bennett. he was born in 1916 in Ashted Birmingham, joined the army around late 40s 0r early 41. Went into the Royal Artillery and saw service on Dover Castle then to the invasion of North Africa " Torch" from then on it was Sicily-Italy and finally Austria. His Daughter who is in her 60s has decided she would like them for her off springs. GEFF


master brummie
Did he live in Alwold Road? If so he is on the absent voters list for 1939 and his number is 1438840 gunner RA. If not then you could try contacting the Royal Artillery to see if they can help.



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This is for GEFF. Its uncanny that you are looking for a George Bennett.
My dad was George Bennett, born in 1916, joined the army at the start of the war, Staffordshire Regiment, then a Don R with the RCOS. He served in Italy, North Africa and ended up in Austria, and I have letters from people in Austria he befriended.
It can't be the same GB your after, but what a coincidence.
I don't know much about the rest of his service, I don't have his service number so can't find much. His brother Geoff was in the Home Guard. They used to live in Caldwell Road Saltley Brmingham during this time.
I did have some of his medals, but gave them to my uncle also a Geoff some years ago and I don't see him now.
Just had to reply, as the similarities are outstanding, good luck.


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Hello uncle Geff and Aunty Joyce. I hope this finds you both well?

What a shock, to find that the post I replied too is actually you! The similarities were too much, so I looked through your previous posts to find it is you.
A question, WHY does my sister want MY dads medals. She disliked my dad, so why does she want them? I gave you some of his medals many years ago, so do you not have them?
I have found more about the family on here than anyone has ever told me, so thanks.

As for dad being in the Royal Artillery, you told me it was the Staffordshire Reg. I'm sure. I also know for a fact he was a Don R, so must have transferred to the Royal Corps of Signals as they ran the Don R's. my cousin Roy, has told me some stories dad told him when eh was a Don R, and I have photos of him in Don R kit.

Glad your still around, I see Racheal quite often, we keep in touch and have been on holiday together, in fact I saw her in July when she came to my 60th!!!!!!! birthday party. All the best


Did he live in Alwold Road? If so he is on the absent voters list for 1939 and his number is 1438840 gunner RA. If not then you could try contacting the Royal Artillery to see if they can help.

Hello Janice, Ref. your post regarding my brother George (May 8th 2016). Did you know him, and could the road mentioned be Caldwell Road? I am his younger brother by ten years and I am now nearly 91. I am intrigued as to how did you come to know his army No. I have found the record of him through the Royal Artillery but cannot go any farther into it because I am not the next of kin. Sorry not to have contacted you sooner, it is only today that I found your post. GEFF


master brummie
Sorry no - it is a different George Bennett. I just did a search on the electoral roll for absent voters. The family included Albert, Edith, Charles and George. Obviously a different one.